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burn, baby, burn

So, you're an environmental activist who hates urban sprawl. You want to make that point clear to anyone who will listen, so what to do? How do you, a lover of the environment and the earth, let your voice be heard?

Why, you burn down houses!

Nevermind all that smoke and pollution that the fire has you caused has just created. Nevermind that the poor trees and grass and flowers around the house were just incinerated. You made your point, congratulations!

Remember kids, only you can prevent urban sprawl. Go straight to your nearest ELF headquarters and buy some accelerant and matches. You'll be on your way to saving the environment in no time at all. ELF means Earth Liberation Front, so keep in mind that nothing liberates like flames, destruction, violence and anarchy.

[Here is where I would usually grab some quotes from the ELF website detailing the ways in which they use violence and destruction to make their points but - suprise! - Websense is blocking it as an "extremist and militant" website. You don't say].


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On a geek note, I'd not hear of websense. I went to their site and saw that it was an enterprise product. (Enterprise=$$$$$).

I'd be interested in a "warning" type product like that. Often times (and just recently, for example) I was researching something and I didn't want to accidently stumble on to a particular kind of site. Does anyone know of a product, like websense, that would do that? Warn but not prevent?

They use websense here, too. I find some of the site categorizations a bit ridiculous. A lot of average weblogs I've tried to visit have been tagged as "adult content" or "advocacy group" sites, and I have no idea why.

When I first moved to VA, our house was built for us. An entire neighborhood was being built at the time, and the ELF hit my street. They burnt down two houses, which is a shame really.

I'm just glad it took them until after our house finished to organize.

You found a news story from an extreme left-wing group. So what? Are you trying to say all liberals think like this? That's preposterous.

I can list 100 radical conservative groups that you probably don't agree with. Such as
- Army of God
- Stormfront
- Aryan Nations

So what?

LOL! Yeah, Michele, you evil person you. How DARE you list one terrorist group without listing ALL of them!

And umm.. no name... Michele didn't say anything about "left-wing" (and neither did the linked article) -- you did.

How interesting that nameless decided that ELF is a liberal left-wing group without any input or direction from this site. Took possession of it right away... LOL indeed. And then after declaring ELF to be a left-wing, liberal group immediately takes offense at own pronouncement. Some folks just ain't happy unless they're mad about something.

Whatever, we should just shoot these little enviro-terrorists on sight.

Ditto abortion-clinic bombers.

Follow the money... who gives to ELF? Why PETA does!

looked at the ELF website

Why does ELF use computers? Do they have any idea the environmental damage caused by computers? The process of making chips? The disposal of old hardware?

(This is an effort to point out the unwitting hypocrisy of some environmental groups--although Michelle has already pointed out that BURNING a house doesn't really help the environment all that much.)

Michele. Not Michelle. Evil fingers.

glares at the fingers

I really do know better.

Sounds a lot like the anti globalisation freak-outs. Bored middle class theatre.

There is always that pesky gap between supposedly dramatic and idealistic statements and banal reality for leftist wankers.

Burning a house won't stop you from having to live in one and painting flowers on a Kombi van won't stop it from spewing out nasty lead fumes.