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roger and me

meet rogerstein, my father's creationI have a love/hate relationship with Roger Clemens. I love the Yankees, but I hate him. Thereís no doubt that Clemens is an amazing pitcher. Heíll go down in history when he gets his 300th win, heíll be elected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. But I just canít bring myself to like him.

I hated Clemens when he was on the Red Sox. I found to him to be a selfish, whiny, unpredictable player. There is nothing I despise in all of sports more than a selfish player. Itís why I was never a Rickey Henderson fan, even when he played for the Yankees. So when Clemens donned the pinstripes, I couldnít automatically turn off the disdain I had for him. It stuck. He proved worthy of my venom with the whole Piazza incident. Nothing since or before that has made me think he is anything but a creep.

Yesterday he went for this 300th win, which would gain a bit of immortality and put him in fine company. And there I was not rooting for him. Not rooting against the Yankees, per se, but not feeling awful that Clemens was obviously going to be pulled from the game. I hoped for the best of both worlds; that the Yankees would beat the Sox, but Clemens wouldnít get the win. Oh, I know he will get his 300th win eventually, I just would rather it not be at Yankee Stadium against his former team; let it happen against Detroit, when no one will be watching, anyhow. Or less people, at least.

Iím sure my Yankee Fan in Good Standing card will be revoked for this, but itís not going to break my heart if something should happen that would prevent Clemens from getting his 300th.

As long as the Yankees still finish first, of course.

Hey, itís called a fantasy, so shut up.


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If you root against Clemens, you root against the whole team. You suck. We don't need OR WANT fans like you. Go kiss up to your father, you closet Met fan.

Think about what you said. If you don;t want Clemens to win his 300th, then you want him to lose for the rest of the friggin year. CONSIDER YOUR YANKEE LICENSE REVOKED.

I completely relate to what you're saying, with the exception that I actually was rooting for Clemens to win yesterday. I think he's a classless jerk, but for the Yankees to beat the hated Red Sox and have former Red Sox Roger get his 300th win at the same time would have been precisely what I feel the Red Sox deserve. My hatred for the Red Sox exceeds my hatred of anything else baseball.

On the other hand he has been a strong supporter of our troops overseas, including, if I remember correctly, going to visit them in the field.

Roger may be a jerk, but he's only a jerk to opposing teams. That's what differentiates him from somebody like Barry Bonds. Bonds is a jerk to EVERYBODY including his own teammates, whereas Roger will stand by his team no matter what happens.

Roger is an old school type player, and believe it or not, I wish there were more like him in baseball these days.

Too many players seem not to care that their teams suck as long as they are doing well and getting paid. I am sure if it were up to Clemens, he would take another World Series ring over the 300 wins. I don't know how many other players would be willing to forego a milestone to do that.

But revoke your Yankees license? Never! If you're over the age of 20 and you know the name Bobby Meacham, then you are a true fan.

Who could forget Bobby Meacham?

Now, does anyone remember Dave Revering? I think he played first base before Mattingly and for some reason I still remember this bit player's name.

Favorite Yankee ever: Thurman Munson.

And Lisa, you would do best not to piss me off two weeks before your wedding. As your maid of honor, I hold the power to make your night a truly embarassing one.

Oh, I didn't realize I tucked the back of your dress into your stockings!

The idea of liking a baseball team is very foreign to someone from Chicago.

Actually, it's very easy for Clemens to not get his 300th this year whil ethe Yankees stay in 1st. Simply, he gets pounded and pulled, then the team rallies and gives the reliever the win.

I have the power to make the dj call you onto the floor to lead the Chicken Dance. So, be careful, you Met fan.

Blasphemy! I'm going to ban your IP for calling me a Met fan!

Red Sox fans felt the same way about Clemens when he was still in Beantown. He signed the then largest contract in team history, then promptly averaged 10-13 his final 3 years in Boston.

Pitchers like Clemens are the best argument against the DH. Put his ass at the plate 3 times a game and lets see how tough he is.

I greatly enjoyed yesterdays game, even if yardwork kept me away from the TV until the 6th inning.

Hey, at least Rickey's funny.

I am so with you on Clemens. I always wish the Yankees win the game but he leaves while they're losing. That way, no win for Roger.

I dislike former Red Sox players who rent themselves to the Yankees for a World Series ring.

I like guys who pitch inside, I hate guys who throw at people. Clemens was bad when he threw at Jeter -- he didn't become my guy when he put on the uniform.

So yes, get that 300th win in Detroit so everyone can say "big deal, he beat Detroit for his 300th infront of 300."

Bwahaha. He's your idiot now. You can keep him, thanks.

Dude, like what the F is up with the New York Post on Memorial Day? What did they choose to put on the Memorial Day edition? A soldier coming back from the war on iraq? Nope. A veteran of WW2? Nope. Try assface Clemens who makes the front cover AND THE BACK cover, with the post hyperventilating over his possible 300th win on Memorial Day. Naturally any rational person must think (WHO GIVES A FLYING PIG's SHIT what Clemens does) That was a slap in the face to every New Yorker who is 1. not a baseall fan 2. Not a Yankees fan 3. not a Clemens fan. Clemens, you're a great pitcher but you can go f--k yourself, eh? oh and congrats on your loss on Memorial Day against your old team. it was well deserved you asswiping bat throwing old geezer :-D

Damn the Post. I only read them because they had a more conservative slant than oh say, the new York Times. Never again. I am now one of the New York Sun's new readers.

Go check out Bill Simmons' latest column if you want some state-of-the-art Clemens-bashing.

Get in line about having your Yankee Fan license revoked. I began rooting for the Yanks back in 1971 when they were more famous for Fritz & Mike's wife-swapping than winning. (Can YOU say "Horace Clarke" or "Jerry Kenny" without laughing or name a Yankee third baseman between the 1964 World Series and Graig Nettles?)

Munson was my FAVORITE player (and the largest display on the shrine in Bull Durham, by the way), and the inspiration to my becoming an all star catcher through Little League and Babe Ruth League from 1972 to 1978. I grew up in pre-cable baseball-kid's heaven, in Princeton, midway in the 100 miles between New York and Philadelphia. On a good summer day, I could catch Phillies, Mets AND Yankee games on TV (wearing out the DIAL on my BLACK AND WHITE TV) and then, if the weather was right, pick up Baltimore, Boston or Pittsburgh games on my transistor radio.

Nonetheless, neither Thurman nor Donnie Baseball belong in the Hall of Fame. Maris' bat and ONLY Maris' bat belongs. Rizzuto should be ejected.

I grew up hating Clemens, but after this, I reconsidered. He has earned a little slice of heaven for this.

I love Wells. It's hard to imagine listening to the Babe, but Wells is about the closest there's been, since.

A pox on the Sox!

But lookie here, I've used a few more bats Rocket threw here, here and here!

You know you laughed. I saw you.

"Can YOU say "Horace Clarke" or "Jerry Kenny" without laughing or name a Yankee third baseman between the 1964 World Series and Graig Nettles?"

Oh yes. Celerino Sanchez. Foolish youth that I was, I actually had high hopes for him.

And has anyone ever heard what happened to the Peterson and Kekich families after the wife swapping? Did the newly constituted families stay together, fall apart, switch back? Did the kids end up happy or healthy, or turn into serial murderers? Or something in between?

I still remember the look on my Dad's face after I read the story in the Times (I was a newspaper junkie even at 9 years old) and asked him about it. Sharing a passion for baseball with your son wasn't supposed to involve discussions of wife-swapping.

And I think I once got a Bobby Meacham bat on Bat Day.

appearing here briefly to note that the whole wedding/you suck as a yank fan repartee supra has to be the funniest stuff i've read on the internet in i don't know when.


Flem, a wandering rootless met fan

wrt the peterson/kekich husband swapping business: Mr. peterson and Mrs.Kekich are still together. mr. kekich and mrs. peterson are not. the kids originally went with their mothers.