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i'm a star!

I went trolling the Indymedia boards this morning, looking for something to rant about and what do I see? A picture of me. Yes, me. And a whole post dedicated to me from my new friend, Vince.

See, I wrote about Vince the Indymedia whore and his idiotic rantings and ravings last week. Seems Vince googled himself to see if anyone was paying attention to him and he came across this post.

Apparently things I am this person who goes by the name of Blah and posts ridiculous, hateful comments on all of Vince's Indymedia blatherings.

Apparently Vince didn't take the time to read through anything around here except the one entry he found on Google, because he says "Now I understand her hatred of gays," in referring to me as this Blah person. Sorry Vince, wrong answer.

At first I got upset seeing my picture there, in super large size, and my words slathered across the putrid face of Indymedia.

And then I realized I don't really care.

So welcome, Indymedia readers. Make yourself at home here at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Headquarters. Have a look around and see for yourself how I use my powers (and sometimes the Jedi mind trick) to draw people into the deep, dark well of neo-conism. I bet Ted Rall sent you.

Now, Vince. I'm waiting for an apology, or for you to admit you were wrong. I'm assuming you will print a retraction and/or take the offending post down. You know, just like you all of your buddies apologized and admitted you were wrong about the looting in Iraq, or that it was sanctions killing Iraqi children, not Saddam.

Oh man, I crack myself up.

UPDATE Mr. Blah has shown up on the Indy post to make himself known and make it clear that I am not he. I'm sure Vince is right now readying a knee-slapping Photoshop of some Zionist conspiracy, so I'll wait a bit for his apology and retraction. And wait.


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You, my friend, are an evil, evil woman. Nice work!!

I've got a shovel. If someone could pony up a keg and baseball bat we could have a party. Though in Vince's case I could improvise with just the shovel and keg.

Holy analy-inserted-hot-dogs batman! Your original post was almost prophetic! He basically called you a homophobe, just like you said he would!

Quick, pick 6 numbers for the florida lottery for me!

Never expect a Leftist to admit to an error, Michele. You know the standard Leftist tactic for dealing with refutation: they change the subject and raise their voices.

Yay! I know someone who's famous!@


Okay michele, this has to stop. Two times in two days you've enticed me to look at sites that are on the "nah...I'd rather stick pins in my eyes" list.

Yeah, I feel really repressed by your homo-hatin' ways. (Yawn)

Vince is obviously a complete jackass, and needs to research his subjects a bit more before making blanket statements.

Whoops. I just make a blanket statement about Vince without researching my subject. Shame on me.

Now back to my blatant homoerotic lifestyle...

You said that Vince makes up stories, lives in his own fantasy world and prints fallacies as if they were truth and here he is, proving your point for you.

Its hard NOT to disagree with these extremists - they never get anything right.

(glad you brought Lenore back I missed her)

Yeah, you crack us up, too.

Maybe he'll send you a fruitcake.

how did he get a picture of the woman that visits me in my dreams and tells me that pears can't drive?

Personally, I'd sue. Of course, I say that about a lot of things.. but still.. nothing says ... well... something like breaking out the lawyers.

Nah, lawsuits are too much trouble. Let's just all point at Vince and laugh, children.

"Never expect a Leftist to admit to an error, Michele. You know the standard Leftist tactic for dealing with refutation: they change the subject and raise their voices."

Francis...come on, you know this isn't always true. Sometimes they just take a concept which is crucial for the discussion in question and declare it to be a "social construction," thereby lifting from them the burden of dealing with the argument. Its also supposed to make them look wise and whoever is disagreeing with them look like an ignorant fool. In such cases they don't change the subject, they just claim it never existed in the first place.

A good point, 'Bane. I continue to think that they'd prefer to change the subject and shout, but there's no question that they use the method you've outlined as well. "All generalizations are suspect, including this one." (Author Unknown, possibly by choice)

Ratbane, I want to compile a list of Weblog argument techniques someday, and that definitely belongs there.

There are many websites that have a very analytical view of logic fallicies, but they're generally not comprehendable by anyone who doesn't sit around all day and make analytical views of logical fallicies.

My favorite is still the one michele has pointed out. Attach a rider to your post, if anyone argues against it, use the rider. For example -

Puppy abuse is a terrible thing and I think women bloggers should be required to have live shower cams. Don't like the idea? You must like to beat up on defenseless puppies.

by Chris Anderson 3:52pm Tue May 27 '03

As an imc moderator, I'm just letting folks know that this post has been hidden.

Typical chickenshit move we've come to expect from IMC.

This is just the beginning... the lefties are unhappy the Jews and gays are waking up and getting off of the Dummocrit plantation of perpetual victimhood... their hystrionic threats will reach a peak if they start to lose hold of women/blacks/hispanics/retirees... their fear-mongering and hate-spewing has finally started to be revealed as a ploy for preferences rather then equality... mostly because of people with a clue who expose them... like you.