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A-Z game update

I wasn't going to blog today, but seeing as how the floodgates have opened and Noah's Ark should be coming along any minute, I have nothing better to do.

Below you will find the scoring so far in the A-Z contest. The scores are in order of appearance, not by points. Sorry.

Please note that while I went wild with the random taking away and adding of points at whim, I always noted why points were given or subtracted and that the person who is in the lead (Steve Gigl) would be in the lead anyhow, even if no bonus points were issued.

For scoring rules, see the original game post.

For complaints about scoring, leave a comment. I'll be happy to explain my mad method. Doesn't mean anything will change, but at least you'll know why.

This is how the scoring went:

10 points for finishing the alphabet
One point for each song I knew
Five points for each song I have an mp3 of

Bonus points given when I felt like it.

Points taken away for any song that made my skin crawl.

In order of appearance:

Solonor: 27 [Bonus points for Dead Puppies]
Jay Caruso: 45 [Minus points for “All of My Love,” the worst Led Zeppelin song ever
Laurence Simon: 33 [Bonus for Ren & Stimpy]
Graham Lester: 45 [Bonuses for ELP, Tom Robinson]
CG Hill: 36 [Bonus points for Sultans of Swing and the good memories it comes with, but minus points for Killing Me Softly, one of my most hated songs ever]
Craig: 62 [I have a lot of mp3s from his list]
Sekimori: 40 [Bonus points for Tori Amos doing I’m not in Love]
Steve Gigl: 75 [He must own the same mp3 collection as me, plus he was wise enough to include a Faith No More song, which got him brownie points]
Keith: 20 [He got bonus points for including Lowell George song, but blew it all by using Leo Sayer, who is the anti-christ, but then I added on ten points because he included the Long Island that wouldn’t die, Zebra]
Brendan: 44 [Bonus for Atari Teenage Riot and for a list that reads like the best of rivet head music]
Sunidesus: 25 [Bonus points because we were watching O hBrother Where Art Thou last night]
Mrs. du Toit: 27 [Bonus for South Pacific songs]
Mara: 25 [Minus points for Bruce Springsteen. Sorry, it’s an ex thing]
Jason: 7 5[He racked up the bonus points by including: a Faith No More song; Drawing Flies, the best Soundgarden song ever and Unsung, my favorite Helmet song]
Andy: 5 [Andy had it going on - Radiohead, Pumpkins, Hedwig and the Angry Inch - but he blew it by using Meatloaf, which, if he read my blog on a daily basis like he claims he does, he would know that just last week I posted about how much I hate that song]
Ben: 30[I took away points for Wham and Barbra Streisand, but h earned a few back with Tone Loc and Urge Overkill]
Yvonne: 30: [She almost had me at Word Up, but then she blew it with Climax and Madonna]
Webgrrlie: 30[Minus points for reminding me of an era when music sucked the big one]
JustLisa: 22 [I was going to give her a big fat zero for including Creed, but she salvaged herself with Patsy Cline]
Dave: 23 [Kokomo? Do you have any idea how much I despise that song? Guess not]
Faith: 20 [She had Little Feat. She had Volare. She had Up on Cripple Creek. And then she went and included one of the worst songs ever made, Harry Chapin’s Taxi. However, she included my parents “song.” Georgia, and the kept Faith from getting a big fat zero]
Steve B: 30 [A couple of Bonus Points for my favorite Radiohead song, Fake Plastic Trees]
AimeeC: 46[Bonus points for Clutch and Life of Agony]
Ruthie: 28 [Bonus for Bloodhound Gang]
The Real Keith: 44 [Mucho bonus points for Kick out the Jams]
Christine: 27 [Bonus for reminding me of that great Steve Forbert song and another bonus for the aforementioned Zebra]
Sean: 25 [Went and downloaded the Yazoo song. Great memories]
Poppy: 50 [Bonus for including the band Acid Bath]
AC: 50 [Bonuses for my favorite Scorpions song and for the Korn X-mas song which brought me a lot of stupid laughs a few years ago]
Zoe: 38[Got bonus for Dominique, which my mother used to sing to us when we were younger, but blew those bonus points by including Poison]
Shalegrey: 34 [This was a tough one - The Biohazard/Onyx song brought many bonus points, but I had to take some off because creativity does not count here and the song is A Message to You, Rudy and no amount of wrangling will let someone put that under R. However, Flogging Molly got some of those points back]
Buzz: 25 [Bonus points for the aforementioned Georgia]
Chef Mojo: 52: [Bonuses for including Nick Cave and the Damned and for mentioning Love and Rockets on Ball of Confusion]
Lesley: 40 [Bonuses for giving me that 80's new wave vibe and for Temptation, the best New Order song ever]
Kinyada: 50 [Extra, extra bonus points for including Dr. Frank’s song]
Jane: 44: [She scored the biggest one song bonus point for including Bobby Bare’s Quaaludes Again. I totally forgot about that song until now. Flashbacks. Holy shit, Shel Silverstein wrote that song?!?]
Mike: 45 [Bonus for including Fear and for the Who song 5:15]
Russ: 25 [Minus points for Eddie Money]

That's where I'm up to now, I'll add as I can.


haha fucking madonna, is it possible i could hate the bitch anymore then i already do.. i was just naming the first song that came to mind! ahhaha i should've known better.

Leo Sayer is NOT the Anti-Christ. Streisand is. Leo is just a faceless bureaucrat in the offices on the Second Level of Hell.

I included meatloaf because I thought this was like golf - you know, low score wins and all that.

But it's ok, I know you just don't want the people to know how much you love me and whatever.

Love and dark obession are two totally different things, dear.

Ah well, I'll take what I can get.

I did better than I figured I'd do, but every time I've ever seen it written was as Rudi, A message to you... No wrangling, but my excuse is the back of the This Are Two Tone compilation from Chrysalis. For all else, I plead raving idiocy.


If you're a fan of "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead, you should also check out the cover of this song done by Marillion, off of their single for the song "These Chains", which is how I came to the song.

Hehe.... I could have gotten many more points had I not changed my original list... damn.

And Radiohead ROCKS!

You cannot...CANNOT....possibly be thinking that Jay gets one more point than me. He is insufferable enough already!

How about bonus points? Shitlist by L7 is worth at least one.

I got a rock. :(

I will admit straight out that I included Dr. Frank since I figured it'd get points :)
I do love the song though and the Mr. T experience. Though I will also admit that the first place I heard them was on the Duran Duran Tribute Album. They have a cover of Is There Something I Should Know. Yes, I admit...I like Duran Duran. The first concert I ever went to was Duran Duran, back in 7th grade, Seven and the Ragged Tiger tour. Ah...memories.

I'm all about 80s new wave, having sported a flat top and yellow hair in my college days. I'm sure one day I'll musically leave the 80s. Nah.

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