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dig that bass!

Holy surround sound, batman!

My Justin's new home digital theater system kicks all ass.

It's making me giddy.

Now, all I need a large screen flat panel tv. I figure if I put one on my Amazon wishlist some rich senile person will come by here, read one of my Anna Nicole Smith posts, think I'm her, and purchase it for me.

And then I'll need a house with a bigger living room. If I watched a big screen tv in here, I'd go cross-eyed.


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OK, when's the movie night? I'll bring popcorn!

Nah. It grows on you. I went on a trip once, and my ex bought a 60" projection TV. Came home to find it sitting in a room about 10 feet from the couch. First time I tried watching it, I almost felt myself inching up the back of the couch to get away from it, but it passed after a couple of days. A bit later, it became normal, and everything else just began to look really tiny. Really ticks people off when they're showing you their new 32" TV and you start squinting at it...

" My Justin's new home digital theater system"

I knew it. You give him sound equipment the way my boyfriend gives me kitchen appliances.

Hope you--er, he--enjoys it.

I keep looking at the 42" plasma screens but Rita reminds me that our livingroom is only 13' long by 10' feet wide... but the thought of running analog TV on one half of the screen and hi-res computer monitor on the other still has me piqued...

"I don't care if it's $5,000.00 and will make me go blind... I want one!!!"