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captain's blog

In case you needed more proof that blogs have gone mainstream, check out these scans from the latest issue of Nickelodeon Magazine:

Aye, matey.


Why is that blog on a children's network? It appears to be rated "Arrrrrr!"

(Why yes, I am ashamed to use that joke, but I can't help myself)

"I am so psyched. We just set sail from Spain...I am going to be sooooo tan!"

I'm saving this one for my kid's social studies class.

I'd love to read other "Web Logs From History." (Joan of Arc, Confucious, Nixon) Sounds like an idea tailor made for Jim Treacher.


I just love the "Things are getting kind of heavy. Magellan went and got himself killed in the Phillipines." Nothing puts a crimp in your day like the navigator getting killed!