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brief thought

My thoughts on the Bar Mitzvah ceremony later (I had never been to one, most fascinating).

My one thought right now: If the Catholic churches had cushioned seats like temples, maybe more people would go to church.

Now, off to the party portion of the day.


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I grew up in Malden, Ma. We had major Jewish holidays off from school. I grew up going to Bat/ Bar Mitsvas and Jewish weddings. It was all so beautiful and intriguing to this Catholic raised gal. I so wanted 'to be Jewish most of my life. "
Judaism is allot of work! The seats HAVE to be comfy:). Catholicism was hard on my diseased knees, so I went the nearest route, Paganism....
But I still love the Jewish faith and ritual.....

I went to an Episcopal church once when I was a kid where the pews had purple velvet cushions on the kneeling rails. Used to the rather bare Methodist church we went to, I thought that was the height of luxury.

nah. if Catholic Churches were more comfortable, then more people would sleep through sermons.

I've slept through lots of services at temple, trust me. Michele, I wanted to tell you that your last entry on Josh was really beautiful.