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we ate, drank and acted merry

For the first time in four years, my ex has agreed to let the kids stay home for a weekend. Hence, the light blogging. We did all those things that families usually do on Friday night together. Went out to eat, came home and headed for separate computers and gaming systems.

And then I made us all sit in the same room for a while. And then we went our separate ways. But we were home together, damn it. And that's what counts.

Oh, Justin loved his presents, of course. He is trying to hook up the surround sound theater thing right this minute. I am getting the hell out of dodge before it gets bad.


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Glad you had a good time!

From out of left field:
When you burn CDs, make mixes, etc., have you ever noticed what track numbers (on the original recording) your favorite songs are? Mine always seem to be #3, #7, or #11. I wonder if there's something to that....

crap. first night i stay home and get drunk and you go OUT and have a good time.

Congrats! :)

You are such a cool friggen mom. My mom came to visit yesterday, and she didn't even knock on the door, she just screamed in my window until I woke up. Real classy mom. Fuck.

I decided that I want to move to L.I. and be a suburbany neighbour type person to you. Then I can mooch off your awesome movie collection, and hang out with you your uber hip sounding hubby. You just wait, It won't be long before I am the Home Simpson to your Flanders'.

In the last four years have you ever let your children stay with your ex for the week?
So they can do all the thins a family does during the week with their Dad?
Not a flame.
But it goes both ways.

Again not a flame.
Respectfully Jenny.