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musical interlude

We're going out with the whole family for Justin's birthday in a little bit. My usual Friday night drunken banter will be delayed a few hours.

Meanwhile, here's a real treat for you.

Weird Al - Angry White Boy mp3 (7,115kb)

Ten points to anyone who names all the song in this fine polka medley. I can, even without asking Chris Pirillo. (Hey! Don't look at that link until after you've tried to name the songs!)


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Oh yeah? Well, I've already got my Poodle Hat CD autographed by the Weirdo himself!

That I can't do.. Give me another cartoon one, please.......

I like pie.....

Happy Birthday to Justin!

My copy of Poodle Hat arrived yesterday, but I just got around to listening to it about an hour ago. Angry White Boy was one of his best polka medleys in a while. I also liked the eBay song and the spoof of Avril Lavigne (A Complicated Song).

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who listens to Weird Al....

Where did you get your autographed copy? I got mine after the myrtle beach show on 4 July. I have to say, this is one of his most genius albums to date. Aubrey--I feel the same glee when I meet another Al fanatic. Anyone have any idea how much one could get for a perfect condition LP of In 3D?