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the good wife

My husband's birthday is Sunday (the first person who makes a sarcastic comment about his age gets stabbed with a spork).

I went out today during lunch to get his present. I figured since I already bought The Art of Hellboy for him, I'd just pick up a little something else.

So I got this.

And this.

You wish you were married to me.


Oh how I wish... and a yeah, happy brithday to your husband...

damn spellchecker... s/b birthday...

Right there with you on the spork-stabbing thing!

I'm 31 and my guy is 22. When we first got involved he was two-months shy of his 21st b-day. We kept it quiet for a few months, not because of the age difference, but because I was technically his boss. I still get some comments from women, but all my guy friends think it's cool. Oh well.

Yay us!

Oh, getting him a babysitter so you can go out? Haha. dodges fork I kid!

Durn it woman! You're gonna have to talk to my wife about gifts. And she wants a $300 ring for our 9th anniversary! I am soo jealous.

Yes, any woman who would buy me such cool things qualifies automatically for bring-home-to-mom status.

Throw in a new top o' the line 'puter, and we're skipping down the church aisle.

Yep, you've got that birthday thing pretty well figured out there. What a girl...

i would just like you to be my sugar momma...

What Yvonne said. Dayum.

Did you ever get him that "Fuck Communism" engraved Zippo?

Dinner for two at Chuckie Cheese?

My birthday is in two weeks, can we be married for that day?

I wish MY husband were married to you, so he could get such nifty gifts and I could be the nice lady next door who comes over to borrow a cup of "can I watch your neato theater system with you if I bring the beer?"

He and I share a birthday. Gotta love those Geminis! ;) Wish him a happy birthday from me!

Hey, my birthday's tomorrow...can I have those presents too??

Wait ... I thought we WERE married ...

Damn - I do wish that I was married to you.
Or at least kept


Nice! Happy Birthday to the Hubby!

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