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gratuitous desk picture

looks like a clear case of steroid abuse to me

Yes, I'm an adult. Why do you ask?

UPDATE: Here's Kevin Murphy's picture of his desk. You got one to share?




I see the diet has really kicked in. When did they start offering salads with Happy Meals?

ed, you're completely missing the point, IT'S AN ACTION FIGURE FIGHT.. who cares about what she ate? Now, i'd love to see a collage of t his fight, like one with the purple guy on the ground and the big dude standing over him with his hands in the air, like "i am TEH champion"

Purple guy? Big dude? Sweet Jesus, woman, that's SKELETOR and HE-MAN. They're Masters of the Universe, for Pete's sake, not unlike Donald Rumsfeld.

At the moment, my own desk fight has Darth Maul taking on Obi-Ewan with Mulder, Scully, Morpheus, Picard, and Jabba Dancing Girl (Strip Club) Leia looking on.

Fanboys/fangirls of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your packaging (which, ahem, will significantly decrease the value of your, ahem, collectible...)

well excuuuuuuuuuse me, kevin, i'm not into that kind of stuff, but thanks for setting me straight.. bwahahhaha and i dont know why but your comment reminds me of the guy on the simpsons that works at the comic shop (and forgive me for not knowing *his*name either)

and thank you kevin for making this post even funnier than i already thought it was with that comment.

Yvonne dear, I'm sorry to tell you but Kevin is right.

I was going to make fun of you myself, but decided to wait for another fanboy/girl to do it.

But I still love you.

Ahem, for your information Yvonne, the "guy on the Simpsons that works in the comic shop" is Comic Book Guy. Now if you would excuse me, I have already taken far too much time away from the Dr. Who Marathon.

Once again Kevin, thank you and sorry you had to waste your time setting my ass straight, and michele, were you laughing at me? haha well, as long as you still love me, it's all good. note to self do not fuck with comic book fans and their toys


I think if Yvonne shows the carrot again, all may be forgiven, or at least forgotten.

I have one, go to
Ed's desk pic

i couldn't resist, here's my contribution (and I had wayyyyy too much fun doing it) Yvonne's desk.

I just took a picture of my desk/work area--


I need to get organizized, as they say. Actually, our entire record store needs to get organizized.

I got battlecat too!

In the desk picture. Is that Conan O'Brien on the far left?

That is so cool!

I don't have a desk. I use one of those hospital wheeled bed-tray thingies to hold my laptop, and all my reference books are in a bookshelf to my right.

At least you got your jaw bridge to open right. I tried it with He-Man, then tossed the box and put him on top of the original Grayskull. Nice pic though.