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return of the hanging chads

Fox TV will do an internal audit of the American Idol voting after disparate tally numbers were announced on the show at different times last night.

How long before Ted Rall writes a column claiming Ruben was selected not elected?


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Damn I am so bummed Clay didn't win. I mean that Reuben, all he does is stand and grin, no personality on stage. Grrr..

Maybe people will complain about his stolen election in that minute he'll go and hit other candidates. ;-)

Election was rigged. As a music critic I'd have to say that Clay is a better singer only because he can sing on key...which seems to me to be an important element in this particular show. Rube hits off-key so often, I was shocked to find he was even allowed to audition, much less to reach the finals. Smells like a fix--there's a Howell Raines lurking behind this guy.. The show prolly fixed it against Clay because of reasons related to your previous entry...he's too obviously gay. Call me a cynic but I don't think the phone calls have much to do with the win. Record company marketing bigwigs and the show's owners pick the winner. Duh.

Next person that tries to throw a rope around my neck gets their arm lopped off with a machete!

Back! Back, I say!!

Where's my axe?