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anyone have a carrot?

I'm joining a gym today. Well, not so much a gym but a fitness center. There is a difference.

My sister's wedding is in 16 days. I need to lose several inches and many pounds before then. Oh, I know it won't happen, but if I lose something I will be happy.

I like junk food. I like everything that is really bad for you and loaded with carbs. I am lazy, tired and unmotivated. I need more than the goal of looking halfway decent in a dress I'll never wear again and at which event I am wearing said dress will coincide with my being too drunk to really care. Besides, the dress has a nice sheer jacket that goes over it.

I need motivation. Give me motivation. I need that proverbial carrot in front of me. A prize, if you will. Even if it's only your undying adoration.

Threats work for me, too.


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y'know, most women who diet lose weight first in their boobs.

just something to consider before you toss out the junk food.


Not that this helps one way or the other, but I like small boobs.

I'm just sayin'.

Here's your motivation: when the Blogger Deathmatch rolls around, you'll be in such great shape that you'll easily triumph over that weakling Dean Esmay.

(Dean, I'm just kidding)

Cut out all sodas for those 16 days. You'll drop at least five pounds.

I hate soda. Soda evil. Bubbly drinks evil.

But I do love my margaritas, blood marys and coffee.

Find out if you have anywhere with toning tables near you! The inches drop off FAST with those (and you don't "work out" -- the tables do the moving for you). I haven't been able to find any down here, but OKC had 'em everywhere.

I say eat drink and be merry! Screw the masses! Besides, you already have my undying adoration.

Normally, you'd expect some good-looking person to offer to post increasingly revealing pictures of themselves at every point of your "fitness roadmap."

As for someone as revolting as myself, perhaps a threat to post revealing pictures of myself if you do not hit your marks?

girl, i need to do the same, i start off everyday saying i'm going to do the atkins diet. you lose so much damn weight so quickly on that, but i can't stop drinking starbucks. why can't i just be one of those women who are big and proud?

For me, it's more about how I feel rather than how I look. I don't feel healthy, I don't feel sexy, I don't feel good.

But iIf I lose weight in my boobs, my only asset is gone! I'm so torn.

Well, go ahead and join the fitness club, for the socializing, if nothing else.

Try this:

Put on nothing but the nice thong you bought from Jim.

Take digital picture of your butt.

Make several copies - place them strategically around the house (bathroom mirrior, fridge, etc)

The willpower will suddenly seem invincible.

Final step, take after pix, and let us share in your happy results!

(yeah, she'll see right through that last step, but what the hell, it was worth a shot)

If you don't already, try drinking a lot of water...enough that you're afraid you're going to float away for the first few days. When the body is properly hydrated, you don't hold any water weight...it's like your body isn't scared any more that you'll dehydrate it further. I dropped 5 pounds after my bodybuilder brother turned me on to this trick. And it makes you feel great, once you get past the first few days and quit needing to pee so often.

As for motivation, I'm afraid I don't have any advice. The only thing that's ever gotten me to exercise is a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. They sell CDs of the cadences...maybe that would help?

Deb, I already pee more than the average person - say about twice an hour, even at night. No exaggeration. If I drank any more water I would have to set up home in a bathroom.

I agree wholeheartedly with Deb on the water front. Not only that, but often our "munchies" craving is actually triggered by our thirst mechanism - so you drink water and you don't feel like snacking.

And while you're at the computer, do what I call a tummy kegel. Simply tighten your tummy muscles over and over again while you're sitting and you'll tone up in no time and burn calories while you're doing it. It works (to a lesser degree) on your butt as well. Tense, flex, relax. It's the lazy woman's workout.

I tried that water trick too, but since my bladder is the size of an Altoid, I was constantly peeing. Now I just buy the water and go pour it directly into the toilet. I feel great!

Curves is the best. I think you'll really like it. If you go at leat 3-4 times per week, you will see serious results! Just drink alot of water and eat somewhat healthy.
: - )

because i love you michele... i give you a carrot.

Babes - remember me: every time I lose weight my boobs get BIGGER.
How's that for incentive?

Yvonne wins. Excuse me... I have a sudden urge to eat my veggies...

Mmmm Carrots. That pic made my whole day. Thank you Yvonne. Now tell me, it was you holding that carrot, wasn't it?

(Now off the the rest room cubicle to fantasize about carrots......)

You ARE healthy and dammit you ARE sexy, but if you need to join a gym or lose a few inches so you REMEMBER the truth, OK!


Beauty comes in more than one size.

Buzz's (Buzz'z?) suggestion: "Screw the masses" would probably work pretty well. It's very aerobic. :-)

I'm in a similar situation - gotta get my figure back for August vacation @ beach. Going to gym regularly, taking spin classes. Those will kick your butt, make you sweat ALOT, make you drink lots of water.

Now, if I could only stop enjoying food and adult beverages so much. Fatal flaw.

Anyhoo, good luck!


incentive to lose a few..think of all the new positions that you will be able to bend into comfortably :)

Don't diet. Just exercise. That way you can have it all! Fitness, eat and drink what you want, AND tits! The bonus is that by not dieting, you won't lower your metabolism because your body thinks you are starving it, and therefore you won't put any weight back on after the fact.

Since you dodn't ask for diet-tips, you got lots of them. Let me join that, first: change some stuff you eat and drink. Stop any alcohol til then, and leave away Coke or so. Has two advantages: You'll lose weight soon, you'll be drunken earlier at the party and won't have chances to do so much stuff to be sorry for, since you're out of training. And the rest - yeah, sports should help. Motivation? Train into a mixed club. It helps to see nice, halfnaked traning men around, when you're sweating.

One word for you. Corset. Yum. (OKm that's two).


The best reason I can think of to do it is that you'll feel better. I always feel better when I get myself in better shape - it's just a matter of taking the time and forcing yourself to actually do it. You don't really even have to go to the gym - walking for a half hour a day and doing a variety of isometrics can be pretty effective.

short amount of time, but you might just find you enjoy the fitness center...

But iIf I lose weight in my boobs, my only asset is gone! I'm so torn.

Michelle - if you think your boobs are your only asset, you're selling yourself short.

I love 'ya for your brains, your personality, and your attitude - the fact that they come wrapped in a beautiful package is just a bonus!

If you want to loose weight - do it for better health and/or better sense of 'well being'. Any other reason is purely superficial.

...and on a more practical note - I agree with Rue - the best way to take it off (and keep it off!) w/o having to give up all the 'fun' stuff is to increase your metabolism - by increasing your activity level. All 'ya gotta do is find an aerobic activity that you enjoy... ;-)

Good Luck!

--- an ardent admirer (does that count as adoration? ) ::grin::

I need motivation. Give me motivation.

Better sex.

I just lost a bunch of weight, didn't touch my boobs- they just look bigger now ;-) don't fret

feste may be on to something here:


good sex = aerobic activity

aerobic activity = increased metabolism

increased metabolism = weight loss

weight loss = (better) sex
Or as the shampoo bottle so quaintly puts it: "Lather, rinse, repeat"!

So who said that being stuck in a loop was bad? ::Leacherous Grin!::

I wanna see "before" and "after" nude pics, no matter what you do. Full frontal, preferably.

"Don't diet. Just exercise"

That won't work unless your exercising expends a lot of calories.

Simply cut back a bit, and increase your exercising. If you just diet, you'll lose lean muscle as well as fat; if you combine the two, you'll lose mostly fat.

And, you don't need a health club for aerobics, just do outdoor sports like hiking, biking, and climbing. I'm trying to lose several pounds of fat myself, so I've been eating less junk food and snacks, and doing more hiking and trying to get to the climbing gym more often.

My motivation is to climb Mt. Hood or Mt. Shasta without hurting myself; your motivation might be something like trying to do Mt. Marcy in a day.

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