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this war made possible by the following sponsors

My boss received an email from his good friend, who is the Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Teddy Roosevelt.

I'm happy to say this will be my last installment for this deployment. We passed the Straits of Gibraltar yesterday (headed westbound), and we'll fly off our 8 jets off Theodore Roosevelt and back into Jacksonville next Wednesday. The ship will pull into Norfolk on the 29th. We've got quite a few anxious sailors ready to get home and take some well deserved time off.

It ain't over till the paperwork's done, so we're putting the finishing touches on all our end-of-deployment reports and briefs due upon our return. As you can imagine, wars can be expensive. I've attached a picture that one of our industrious computer experts put together. It's a combination of NASCAR meets Navy Air, not sure it's enough to pay the bills, but something worth considering.

He included this photo:

[click for larger image]

Imagine: This moment of Shocke and Awe brought to you by Tide laundry detergent - the preferred method for removing the blood of Saddam apologists from dirty uniforms!


It's all about the Oiiiil!

Is that a commercial jet?

The real question is - How long until this same picture ends up in an Indymedia post as "proof" that it was a war for corporate interests?

If he's talking about flying off their 8 jets it would make him the XO of the S-3 squadron not the Teddy R.

First saw this pic a few years ago - I think most of us old Hoover drivers got a copy of it via email. Intertestingly enough - there aren't any Hoover decals on it.

Not a bad 'Shop job, though!

Yea, I knew I screwed that up, but my boss wasn't around to clarify.