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got a favorite charity?

This year's blogathon is July 26th.

Last year I blogged 24 hours straight and raised a nice sum of money for the Daniel Pearl Foundation. Sure, it ended up being a big old boobie blog, but it was all in fun and all for a good cause.

New year, new charity. Suggestions being taken now.

No, you don't count as a charity. Sorry.


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Well, from her comments on my earlier post, it looks like Meryl Yourish is on board the Magen David Adom fundraising effort. However, Michele of A Small Victory is looking for a charity to bare her boobies on behalf of.... [Read More]


Memories. I made it 23 hours and 50 minutes with you. I still can't believe I feel asleep. I'm completely retarded.

I think I'm going to blog it this year. Karen is supposed to help me find a good charity.

I'm thinking PETA is right out...

I'll be at Gnomedex a-thinkin' of ya.

off the top of my head, i'd say danny pearl again. does peter ganci have any charities in his name? i'd probably be most inclined to fork over unemployed dough for him, if it were in your name.

I stayed up for most (if not all) of last years blog. It was good.
As your attorney, I recommend more boobies.

Ahh, whatever. You'll do fine.
Eh, more boobies.
I'm sorry, I mean, just raise money.


I don't know if you saw this Nick Kristof (don't laugh) column from a few weeks back, but he talked about a horrific public health problem in Africa and other developing countries: obstetric fistulas, a condition which is caused by childbirth and can leave a mother scarred horribly and a social outcast for life -- and she may not live long.

In his article, Kristof listed a few websites collecting money to help with fistulas, and for ease of access, I'll just post them again here.

Dr. Catherine Hamlin's Fistula Hospital:

Dr. Lewis Wall's Worldwide Fund for Mothers Injured in Childbirth:
http:// www.wfmic.org

I'm sure there are other good examples of charities out there, but Kristof's story really stayed with me, and this seems like a pretty important (and somewhat neglected) cause. Just a thought.

P.S. I realize this topic doesn't lend itself to boobage very well, but you could always craft a slogan to fit. I suggest "Ladies Show Your Boobies -- Do It for the Moms of the World."

I am with Matt- that was the most horrifying thing I have ever heard of. We were trying toi find someone with graphic design skills to make buttons to put on websites that linked to chairites, but neither of us knew anyone.

Hi Michele,

This is a pretty amazing organization:


They bring kids from all over the Third World to Israel for life-saving heart surgery, including...Palestinian children. They also fly Israeli doctors to the Third World to do surgery and train doctors overseas.

Their website isn't well-updated, but they've been going strong over the past two years. This year alone they are saving five Palestinian kids. I can put you in touch with them if you like. They are a small, effective charity, without layers of bureaucracy.


I suggest Ribbon of Promise.

We are almost ready to open our D.C. office, so I'll be rambling nonstop on my blog that cause. :)

The Nassau County AMT Children of Hope & Infant Burial Fund. Since this is where David was rescued from and we were lucky enough to adopt him. (Not to mention that we are waiting for a sibling for him from the same organization!)


They give to the families of service members killed or seriously wounded in the war, and all money raised goes to familes.

May I suggest Doctors Without Barnes and Nobles? Along with Doctors Without Borders, these NGOs consist of medical practicioners who lobby megacorporation booksellers to establish franchises in third world countries

Here are some other worthy causes with the usual Amish Tech Support flair for the absurd..

the Hannity Scholarship Fund, benefiting the children of those military men and women to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country and to those also wounded during the call of duty.

Jeez, what a disappointment. I was hoping to see your boobs! I did really think you were referring to that blog boobie thing from last year where they raised a ton of money from different bloggers who all showed their tits--voting and contributions determined the winner. It was kinda cool, plus I got to see some blogger breasts. Heh heh.

I was reading through my archives from last years blogathon and I realized that was the day I first read your site!!!!!!

Really looking forward to this year. Last year I did a memorial fund for my brother's friend who was lost on 9/11. This year I'm thinking perhaps pug rescue.

Lair and I are trying to raise enough to buy Magen David Adom an ambulance. It's 60k for the stripped version, 80k for one with an ICU inside.

Don't know how much for the armor plating, which is what Lair really wants to get for them. But I can find out.