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mqt #4

I'm going to try to make these harder:

quote #4 (55kb)

First was Slapshot, which Kat was the first to get.

Second was Nothing to Lose, which Sarah got but claims she never really watched the movie. Riiiiiight.

Third was Better off Dead, guessed by Mr. Buzzstuff.


AWWW, I actually knew the Slap Shot quote, that movie made me laugh so hard in 1977 that my labor started. I wish I had known it was a contest.

Gary Oldman baby. 'Leon.'

Or 'The Professional.' Whichever title one refers to it as.

Would sound great repeated ad nauseam with a bossanova beat backing it up.

Where the hell is Moby when you need him? Or Dr. Dre?

Ugh.. too late for this one, the quote is Gary Oldman in Leon (the true title, and much better version of the Professional)

Oh boy! The Professional.

I have both the Professional, and Leon (directors cut) and didn't get that one.

Actually, I still don't get it.

Pick up the American Psycho soundtrack--it has the Patrick Bateman monologues on it. Deliciously creepy!