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The terror alert has been raised to ORANGE.

I repeat, the terror alert has been raised to ORANGE.

Please adjust your wardrobes accordingly.


One of these days it will go to red so it won't clash with all my Sooner gear...

No adjustment necessary here. Hey, everyone come on over for an orange alert cocktail party!

Who? Wha-? Orange? Ohhhh, the terror alert level. I see. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Go Vols!

Be aware that when, not if, the "terror alert level" is raised to red, your elected officials have already pointed out that martial law will be declared. Any unauthorized people who are seen out on the streets will be shot on sight, or at least thats what they say. "essentially we are saying sit down, so the only people standing will be terrorists"

wonderfully orwellian.

10,000 comedians out of work and you guys are cracking jokes. Laugh tomorrow.

Funny stuff. Cheers.

As long as the terror alert doesn't go to "Hot Pink" level. I'm not wearing that.

Orange CHUCKS! How cool is that?
I just have the boring banner from DHS

tho, I'm not overly concerned until the threat level reaches:

I think the "hot flames" terror level will be a moot point, really.

Re: "hot flames being moot point."

Probably. Of course, wasn't one of the complaints about 9/11 something about a lack of warning? Rumblings that "something" was up, but nothing specific so no major alert was issued? Now we have too much warning. Fun.

(Then there's the "how do you know"/"uh... sure, let's burn some of our intelligence sources telling you exactly how we know" dilemma.)

Orange! My favorite color!
Go Pokes!

This is the first time that I've been to this blog; it looks well done. (I started mine during the last fall semester.) I haven't had a chance to look around here, but the design and images seem pretty good. Keep up the good work.

I'm going to predict that we will never see a high alert. By the time they got around to changing the alert to red, we'd already have been attacked -- and they'd decide to put (or keep) it on orange because there were no (more) imminent attacks.

Dammit, I can't wear orange. Why can't they have, like, "tasteful khaki and dark green alert"?

Orange doesn't work for me--I'm a pale-skinned strawberry blonde. I'll be in the Blue Alert Zone if you need me.

that color is so last fall.

Is it Orange, or is it Pumpkin?

Because I have a Pumpkin trucker hat...

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