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side note

I've come to the conclusion that while people are generally very interested in participating in surveys and pontificating over topic of a survey, they are not all that interested in the results.


LOL. Perhaps they're reading the results...they just have nothing to say?

What? There was a survey?

Um... is this another survey?

I vote yes.

Laurence, you ignorant slut. How in the HELL could you vote yes on this issue? Haven't you read the facts? Aren't you aware of the history of this thing? Great googly moogly man - use your head here, and resist the urge to head for the cliff with the rest of the lemmings!

This issue has much broader ramifications than many of us feel comfortable with contemplating. Our grandchildren may one day wake up to the fact that their world is the way it is due to the apathy so blatantly on display. Can you sleep at night with that on your conscience?

Heartless, hedonistic bastage.

I applaud Michele for having the nads to even raise the point - too often those pointing this very thing out are shunned and ridiculed. To Mishele, a hearty Bravo, and well done. To you, Laurence, well, feh, as you personify the epitome of the world around us as we have come to know it.

p.s. Michele, drop me a note and let me know how this turns out.

Ciao bella....

Unless the survey is about pie, I'm not interested.

You're surprised that people are more interested in talking than listening?

Em, some of us didn't comment because the poll's results were expected?

Contrive to have controversial results, and we'll all respond with outrage. Promise.

I think it's because online surveys are some of the least reliable statistical tools ever invented, even beating out "random guessing" and "making shit up."

I vote for rhubarb. Key Lime a close second.

I went to school in California... if something has more than two questions I get confused......

To quote the Pointy-Haired Boss: "Would 'no' be an answer to anything you said?" _

I don't get interested unless my name appears in the results and it's nothing but good things said about me.

1) Monkeys
2) Blue
3) Every other Thursday
4) Sasparilla, spinach, and mushroom strudel
5) Q

I'm not interested unless the results match my own votes. ; )