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Interesting development which will probably turn out to be nothing but I'll blog it anyway.

All trains (LIRR, Amtrack, PATH) in and out of Penn Station, New York have stopped running. There is "police activity" at the NY/NJ bridges and tunnels.

I'm trying to dig something up other than the phone call we just got from my boss's son.

I'm sure it will end up being a false alarm. Goes with the heightened terror alert territory, I suppose.

UPDATE (thanks to Faith)

A portion of Penn Station has been evacuated Tuesday, after police received reports of a suspicious package aboard an Amtrak train.

The train in question, Amtrak No. 174, originated in Washington D.C. and is headed for Boston. During its regularly scheduled stop in Manhattan this morning, officials were notified of a suspicious package and passenger.

Prediction: The box will contain either a)cookies b)some college kid's dirty laundry or c) nothing.


Holy crap! Thank goodness my Amtrak train wasn't later. We got in at 11:30 and no sign of anything amiss at that time.

CNN's sporting a red banner, too.

NY ONe reports suspicious package and passenger on Amtrak train from DC to Boston.

Well, we really don't need a suspicious anything up here in Boston. We have enough suspicious characters already, thank you.

I vote for "C".

Oh... this wasn't a survey?


Your bosses son? The campbells soup kid called you this late?!

Ooops - I had a dumb ass moment...must pay attention to the blogging times!

Dirty laundry can be dangerous stuff if not handled properly. Step away from the sweaty socks...

Same thing happened to me a few days ago. I got a call about a two huge explosion on 15th street. It was describe as a huge wrecking ball hitting the building. Turned out to be gas main explosion. I blogged about it, and then consequently felt like a darsh. Ah well such is life.

We had a semi stop traffic for half a day on the GW Parkway here in DC the other day. Why? Because someone drove along side him on the interstate and told him that there was a bomb attached to his truck, and it would explode when he stopped. Gee, maybe they could make a movie out of that....oh yeah.

Sounds kind of fishy if you ask me. I mean, I've never tried to hold a conversation with a trucker while leaning out the window of a car, all the while traveling 60mph, but it's got to be at least a little difficult, right? And if such an event were to happen, wouldn't the shear oddity of the situation make you remember a few details like: 1) was it a man or woman, 2) how many people were in the car (trucker couldn't remember if it was one or two--which adds to the degree of difficulty if it was just one person!), 3) the person's hair color, clothing, etc., 4) what the car looked like...

That dog just won't hunt, if you ask me!

"...Lead us not into Penn Station, but deliver us from, well, deliveries..."

Sorry I missed it (NOT!), although I've had it happen to me. But between this and the track fires, why does it seem like something's "happening" at Penn more often as of late?