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Foulmouthed Fox News?

In a story about wedding cakes today, the Fox website showed a graphic of a cake made to look like a box of Chinese food, complete with fortune. And that's some fortune.

Screen shot and close up of offending image:

[click both images for larger versions]

Does that say what I think it says?

I report. You decide.


Yes. Yes, I do believe that it says what you think it says. I don't know what this says about FOX, TV, or american culture, and I don't know whether it's good or bad, but it definately says something about all three.

Of course it says what you think it says.

Look at the box -- =New=York= Palace.

It couldn't be anything else.

The image has now been replaced with an air-brushed cleanedup version on fox.com.

Ah, Michele. You've become an editor for Fox News. Who says dreams don't come true?

LMAO! That's so funny!! How on earth did you catch that?!

so, i don't get it... did the New York Palace not make that cake or somethin? (;

Errm. Sorry, but that word is "Duck"...

Possibly luck. But certainly not what you were thinking.