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male/female poll responses: part I

[Disclaimer A:The following data was gathered from 55 comments and 27 emails, in answer to several questions I asked regarding the subject at hand. By no means should this be considered accurate, scientific or proof of anything except that people like to answer questions and I like to ask them.

Disclaimer B: I am not trying to court controversy with this survey, nor is this in repsonse to any slight I feel as a news blogger. It is merely curiousity stemming from an email correspondence with a person who believes that there is not only a lack of female news bloggers, but a lack of good female news bloggers]

I asked the following questions:

1.Do men make better political/war bloggers than women? 2. Do you prefer blogs by males, females or you don't care? 3. Do you find that males and females write differently about the same subjects? 4. Do you have double standards? That is, do you think it's okay when a man makes sexual innuendos and curses in his posts but you are turned off by a female blogger who does the same? 5. Do you find that males or females tend to be more opinionated in their writing? 6. Do you find there is a lack of quality female bloggers who write about politics, current news and world events? 7. Do you find you enjoy male or female blogs in general (on any subject) more than the other? 8. Who is your favorite read for political/war/news commentary for male and female bloggers?

Number 4 was throwin in as a small red herring but produced interesting results nonetheless.

While the participants in the poll stated for the most part that they have no real preference towards male or female news bloggers (which is what we will call the war/politics/news bloggers here for brevity), it was interesting to note that most said male bloggers tend to write with an eye towards detail and facts and females tend to write with emotion.

....it does seem that men tend to be more about facts, and perhaps background, where a lot of women are more about what the current sitution is, and how it's effecting people.

..men tend to me more concerned with rules – if they’re discussing war, they’ll debate about the UN rules, the Geneva convention, etc. more often than women. Women seem to be more concerned about how an action will affect the lives of the people involved, and less concerned with the written rules..

Men make better technical details political/war bloggers. Women make better "how will this political/war issue screw up my life and that of my friends." Neither is better than the other. Apples and oranges.

I think that females and males can both be very opinionated, but that women sometimes manage to be a bit more diplomatic where men sometimes are more "in your face" about their opinions. There's merits to both approaches.

That said, most respondents who volunteered such information declared that they prefer news blogs that stick to facts and stay on topic. So can one draw the conclusion that indeed, when pressed for a specific answer, most newsblog readers would prefer male bloggers?

More people found that there is a difference between male and female newsbloggers than not. Even those who stated in question #2 that there is no difference, went on to contradict themselves in other answers.

While a high percentage of respondents said that there is a lack of quality female newsblogging, one person had an interesting take on that notion:

It's not that there is a lack of good female newsbloggers. It's just that they don't get the attention the male bloggers do. Every mainstream news article about war blogging or news blogging in general quotes the same people all the time, and it's always men. Den Beste, Glenn Reynolds, Lileks, Andrew Sullivan, Charles Johnson at LGF...so maybe people aren't even aware of all the female news bloggers out there. If you look at the sites of the males I just mentioned and scroll through for a few days you'll see that they basically link to guys when they are linking to a news item but some of them not only don't link to females at all, but when they do, it's for a non-news item.

Then there was this emailer who prefers female news bloggers over male:

Most male warbloggers write just about the war, politics and current events. Women cover other things. Andrea Harris writes about Tolkein stuff a lot. Meryl Yourish writes about her religion classes. It's nice to have a good mix and know that when I go to a blog it's not going to be the same stuff all day long. I like that there will be lighter things mixed in with the heavy.

That covers this portion of the poll responses. I'll take on some other issues regarding the answers later in the morning.


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