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this is planet earth

You know, I had a whole post here about the mail I received today in regards to my "class warfare" and "elitism" and some other nonsense, all in answer to the Wal-Mart/Target post.

Rather than go into a lengthy discourse on how one's attitude does not necessarily reflect ones monetary status, and rather than explain to people who really don't deserve an explanation that yes, I do know what it's like to be piss poor, I'll just say this:

You people are out of your fucking minds. If you would only get this hyped up about things that actually matter, perhaps your lives would be more fulfilling and you wouldn't have to load up my inbox with your steaming piles of crap loaded with teenage AOL-grammar and spelling and laced with profanities I've heard only on gangsta rap songs. Not that there's anything wrong with gangsta rap, but quoting DMX when you are trying to make a salient point with me just does not fly, flygirl. Now you all go back to your keyboard and write 100 times, "People Who Shop At Target Are Not Elitist Capitalist Pigs" and please try to recognize that I was comparing discount department stores. It's not as if I was laughing at you for shopping at the 99 cent outlet while I was shopping Saks Fifth Avenue.

Now climb back aboard your mothership and fly home, kiddies. I've dealt with enough moonbats for one night.


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I couldn't get past the subject. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...

Well now - that was interesting...

I'd never have guessed that I'd ever have to to even consider adding:

'Never compare/contrast Wal-Mart v.s.Target"

to my list of "don't discuss in mixed company for fear of starting a small scale war"!

Jeez - it used to be that only religion and politics (and maybe gun control laws) were 'sensitive' subjects - and not suited for discussion in 'mixed company'...!


Are the time's a changin' - or does the Internet just bring out the moonbats in droves?

Oh - Nevermind. ;-)

What's wrong with shopping at Saks? Are you trying to divide the rich from the poor with artificial barriers? Typical liberal hogwash. ow. ow. ow. quit hitting. ow. sorry. ow.

and some where amongst all that hatemail cluttering your inbox is a nice thank you email. :)

Personally, I like Target and hate Wal-Mart, and K-Mart, too. Then again, I make no bones about being an elitist capitalist pig.

Post some hate mail samples and ask your readers to critique them. Might be fun!

In the words of Rain Man, "K-Mart Sucks."

It's quite remarkable how you can can fire off some sort of Bizzaro world comparison between a couple of stores, and then call people who are responding to your words 'moonbats'.

What, you mean your surprised that people care? That people are 'hyped up' ?

Damn girl, you posted the thing. You took far more time to write about this than I, or any other commenter, will. I'll forget about this the instant I click submit, you however, will read this and a slew of other comments over and over. If you try hard enough you can probably concoct another post mocking the 'moonbats' that wasted time commenting on your post. Get a grip here, your the one carrying on about nothing.

Ya know, I bet they sell moonbat traps at Wal-Mart...

yes mistress michelle. please don't use the whip.

Let it be known that this is the post where I first fell in love with you.

Intelligence and cleverness are sexy as hell. Righteous anger is rather hot, too.

I shall arrive shortly with the chocolate roses and scented bath oil.

moonbat traps....hahahahahahahaha

Nichols and May. Great skit about the quiz show scandals. Elaine says:

"Yes, it's a MORAL issue. And that's so much more interesting than a REAL issue."

And I'd always thought of you as such an attractive and well-mannered capitalist pig! ;-D

bravo, julie! and bulk quantities of extra points for referencing nichols and may. brilliant!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA...I've been trying to think of what to put on the shirts I'm plannign to create at CafePress....I think

"Why yes, I AM an elitest, capitalist pig. Thanks for asking!"

would be nice, don't you??

I want one!

Seriously, I like both stores. I have groused lately about the fugly designer stuff at Tarjay, but then I went and bought one of those squashy star-shaped Todd Oldham ottomans, It was a Lovecraft/Cthulhu thing, don't ask.

Hmm, nothing like reading the "Necronomicon" on a Todd Oldham ottoman.

My father always said, "I never shop at Wal-Mart. It stinks of peasants."

You know you've made the big time when your critics start saying "Damn, girl!"

Elitists of the world, unite in the secret location!

i can barely even afford walmart being a single parent and all. it's mainly big lots and family dollar for me. target is splurging. don't think if i could afford to i wouldn't shop at the most elite of places, though. i do, however, have an aversion to sheltered, suburban middle class mediocrity.. i like a division between the rich and poor. give me white trash or aristocrats. they are both much more interesting than the blandness of middle class. (this is not to say that every middle class person fits that mold, my attitude problem is mainly with mainstream white feminists who are generally from a middle class background who want those of us down in the gutter to conform to their repressed sensibilties) that's one reason i gravitate towards black women in the workplace. no tears or tattling to deal with.