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this evening's music: cover me

This evening musical selection comes in the form a cover song, a totally underappreciated yet much maligned genre.

I have what one could call a cover song fetish. I have an entire mp3 folder devoted to covers only and am always on the hunt for new and refreshing versions of songs. This one is rocking my world today:

Sepultura doing U2's Bullet the Blue Sky

If you like this, let me know and I'll give you the same band doing Jane's Addiction's Mountain Song.

UPDATE: Alrighty - here's Mountain Song.


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Ooo. Cool. And I loved that song to begin with...

I have renounced my heavy-metal past, but I gotta admit, that's pretty cool. Now, Mountain Song...there's a piece art. Post away...

Sepultura can often so rock. Have you ever listened to Slayer's remake of Inna Godda da Vida?

Steve, yes. Great cover.

Sorry to say, I'll still take the Jane's Addiction version. Best cover ever, though is Metallica doing Am I Evil? I might be dating myself with that one.

Best covers ever: Mark Lanegan doing Gun Club's "Carry Home" and Slobberbone doing the BGs "You Don't Know What it's Like."

Mmmmm. Music.

My Vitriol's cover of Madonna's 'Oh Father' anyone?

Check out Covered in Black for some good industrial AC/DC covers...the Genitorturers' version of Squealer totally kicks ass! Virgin Voices: A Tribute to Madonna has a good cover of Justify My Love by Frontline Assembly. Both of those CDs are on the Cleopatra label.

Life of Agony does a disturbing version of Don't You (Forget About Me). It's more fitting to the lyrics than the original pop version.

And I once saw Collective Soul cover U2's I Will Follow in concert--totally rockin!!

This doesn't necessarily count as one of the best covers ever, but at the Experience Music Project opening, I saw Built to Spill cover Macy Gray's "I Try."

It might count as one of the most surprising covers, though.

Social Distortion's cover of "Ring of Fire" and Frente's cover of "Bizarre Love Triangle" are both interesting variations on old favorites of mine.

I prefer the original "Mountain Song", because it's burned into my brain, but this version's neat.

These are great!! Thanks! My fave cover of the moment is "Faith"- Everlast/Limp Bizkit

Heh. Young whippersnappers.

Nothing beats the tremendous version of Rock Around the Clock performed by the Sex Pistos on the Great Rock & Roll Swindle albbum/movie. Johnny Rotten (Lydon) had abandoned the group at that point, so they dragged Eddit Tudor from Tenpole Tudor (another great band) in to do the vocals. Those vocals consisted of him singing (?) mostly incoherently and whistling as the band stormed away in the backgorund. Absolutely killer.

And X did a killer cover of and old western swing tune, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes on their Under The Big Black Sun album years ago.

It's very likely that both of these are out of print, and I'll have to keep my old cassette recording of them forever.

Will someone adjust my drool cup?

Do you like semi-parody covers? Both Hayseed Dixie and Richard Cheese manage to disturb, impress, and crack me up at the same time.

Megadeth "Anarchy In The U.K."
Black Flag "Louie, Louie"
Rollins Band "Ghostrider"
(aci already mentioned "Am I Evil?", a song Metallica pretty much made their own...)
Amiee... "Justify..." by FLA is one of my favorite techno songs (although, technically, it's a remix, not a cover....)

oh, the list goes on and on and on and on.... I have a post about this somewhere (at least I THINK it got posted. I may have never finished it, the list is so endless)

sometimes, a band really takes a tune and "makes it their own" and sometimes they just butcher a song.

One of these days, I'm going to make a mix CD of the best covers ever....

Michele, I DO think I shall make a mix CD of the stuff I've aquired here... keep 'em coming... you RULE!!!!