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was it something I said?

In two and half years I've covered just about every subject in this space. Religion, politics, war, abortion, sports rivalries and a delinking fiasco. We've argued about movies, music, comic books and sex, we've had left vs. right fights in the comments. I even started a male v. female blogger debate today.

Yet in all my hundreds and hundreds of posts covering over 700 days and spanning 36,000 comments on this particular blog alone (that's not counting the Greymatter comments that were lost in the ether), I have never experienced such a level of hate mail and fervor as I have today over the Wal-Mart v. Target post.

I think I hit a nerve. I'm sure there is a social statement in there somewhere, I'm just not sure what it is.

The results of my male/female questions will be available later this evening.

I'm going to Target now.


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The truth hurts sometimes.

I just didn't say anything because it would sound like I'm a fawning sycophant. I totally agree with you. Target RULES!

Ok, anybody who DOESN'T agree that Wal-Mart is the white-trash mother ship is whacked. I will go out of my way to go to Target, rather than risking a trip through Wal-mart on the weekend.

And anybody who would send hate-mail over the issue?? GROW UP. It's a freakin' retail store. The opinions displayed on this site are not going to limit YOUR ability to spend time at the mothership whenever you wish.

I'm still waiting for the day when I can purchase EVERYTHING online, thus negating the argument all together.

Reading through the comments on that thread I'm fairly shocked at the number of Wal-Mart devotees there are. Based on about 3 Wal-Mart visits in a decade's time, I held a very stereotyped view of the kind of person who shops there, especially vs. Target, where you see all kinds of folks. But I know better now. Apparently it's more than just the mullet-wearing, '78-Camaro-covered-in-Bondo-driving trailer trash of the world giving their hard-earned dollars to Sam Walton's empire. I'd give Wal-Mart another chance but those senior-citizen "greeters" freak me out too much.

Wal-Mart vs Target post??!?!?!

I'll kill you good!

Target all the way, baby.

Seriously though, there's a Walmart in my boring suburban hometwon that seems fine, though not as nice as the local Target.

The Target closest to me in Berkeley is a lot like the asstastic Walmarts you've described.

People are sending hate mail?

For real?

Please, please, post it. LOL!

Hate mail? Over Wally World vs. Tarjay?

Is the ultimate significance of the Internet going to be that we can all argue with each other freely and incessantly about profoundly inconsequential matters of every possible description?

There is a wal-mart right near me and it has surprisingly good groceries. Meat in particular. Good stuff. Not scary. As good as the Reasors but no butchers anywhere and the seafood is not as good as Reasors.

But the floors are always dirty throughout the store. And I always wait in line for twenty minutes, at least, for a checkout even if I only have two items.

On the other hand the Target is also near me. They have no groceries at all. But the store sparkles. It is sooo clean. And I never wait more than five minutes in line. Target is a pleasure to shop at.

I am always hiding my wallet from some one at Wal-Mart, but at Target no-one is staring over my shoulder.

I far prefer shopping at Target too.

Well, I just bought four nice cheap tires at Walmart, so I'm not going to complain about the store. I like a place that's open at 3am where I can get cheap crap, and unlike Target, I can actually find clothes made for someone who isn't six feet tall with a sixteen-inch waist. (And no, not spandex either.) The clothes aren't the best quality, but I can't afford to shop at Bloomingdale's.

I still like Target, but I haven't really found anything there that a) fits me, or b) that I can afford. Also, they have been selling some "designer" stuff that is just plain fugly lately.

As for there being a different class of people that shop at each store, that is not a problem here -- there is no escape from families with screaming, unruly kids anywhere in the state of Florida. Just get that desire out of your mind -- according to my golf-playing boss, they even bring them to the courses now.

I have worked at Target for about 3 years now. Not only is it a good place to work, but it's a good place to shop. There are several advantages of Target over Walmart:

We have workers that compare our prices to walmarts, and mark down any prices higher than theirs.

We have backup cashiers that get up to the front as quickly as possible to make sure you don't wait long in lines.

We have cashier speed ratings, and if we aren't performing within 90-100 percent our store will recieve a bad rating

Target donates over 2 million dollars a week to charities and schools, more than any other company.

We don't make money off your bad habits (eg. smoking)

We keep the store looking neat and clean.

We zone (clean up the aisles, pull things forward, put things where they belong) every single night from 4 - close.

We have advanced technology:
Use of walkie-talkies instead of overhead pager
PDTs are handheld computers that allow us to do several things: make rain checks, research (check for outs), find where items are in the store, see if we have items in the back room, and much more.
Red phones placed around the store, if you pick them up and press 1 an announcement is made over our walkie-talkies. We have to respond within 60 seconds ( we have to push the black button on the side of the phone). If we don't our store gets a bad rating.

Sales every week. And, if we are out an item we have rainchecks next to the item and a substitute item that is similar.

These are just a few things good about Target. Just tonight I had to go to walmart to pick up something for my father and waited over 10 minutes in line! There is one good things about Walmart though that I must admit, they do have larger stores with more items (like sewing) Well that's enough for me!