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lust combo?

I'm working on an essay on women and war/politic blogging, but it won't be ready until later. Until then, I leave you with this picture I took yesterday (I was using the solarize setting, hence the weird look)

click for larger image

Perfect juxtaposition, eh?

taken at a Wendy's drive-thru


Not where I live. The Hooters girls in Peoria, ILL., are kinda lacking in that department.

The town right next to where i live also has a Wendy's right next to the Hooters... What's up with that? Did Dave Thomas have a more diverse business portfolio than everyone thought? ;-)

sounds like a cool essay
can't wait to read it

speaking of hooters
hooters have always been a huge part of
blog experience

i lean over
my hooters fall on the desk

and i write


The Hooter's girls here in DC don't have big ones, either. Not even after donning multiple, too-small bras. Now I'm reduced to going there just for the wings! And to make fun of the brothas trying to pick up the girls....

Just taking a quick coffee break and wanted to post a hello

Where can I follow up for more information