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promises to keep

A paid political announcement from the Save Jim Treacher's Life Fund

Sorta not safe for work - not x-rated but not saintly, either. And it disappears tomorrow morning.


You know you love boobies. I'd only do this for Jim. You've got 24 hours to pay his rent. Now go buy a mug or something.


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Honey, it may disappear from the blog in the am but NEVER from my hard drive.......
Oh, and happy birthday, Joanie.

Happy Birthday to ALL of us!
(And I'm not for a few months yet.) :0)

Thanks, Michele! Thanks, SondraK!

Ended up being put on call so far tonight, had some STEAK for dinner, and now this.

Does it get much better than this?

She does have a nice hand, huh?

Damn, girl!

Major points for originality - that's a unique fundraising ploy if I ever saw one.

However, I'm not sure that the campaign wouldn't have generated even greater sales if you had threatened to NOT touch the appendage in question again. ;-)

Umm - just to be clear here...

The Boob dosn't want to get it, right...

...and we don't want the Boob to get it either?

Just wanted to be sure of the objectives!

evil grin