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dr. frank's cyber-busking hour returns!

Dr. Frank is at it again. That's good news.

His latest tune up for grabs (that means F-R-E-E) is Institutionalized Misogyny. I suggest you go get it while the getting is good.

While you're there you can throw some change in his virtual guitar case, order an 8-song CD or just email and tell him how much you love his music.

After you listen to the song, post the URL on your site and make all your friends and relatives download it, too. It's cyber-busking in action, as Dr. Frank calls it. You tell a friend and they tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on....

With all the crap music that comes out of radio stations these days, it's nice to give a plug to someone who I not only respect as a person, an intelligent, well-written commentator and a friend, but as someone who makes wonderful music as well.

Don't forget to go buy some MTX cds, too. Maybe if we all buy enough of his music, Dr. Frank can finally get off of blogspot.

Lyrics are below. It may be the only song I ever sing that mentions Chomsky.

I'm not complaining, I'm just figuring out
how everything left us behind
I got my problems, I'm aware of them
I'll take care of them, never you mind

you're still repeating pre-recorded things
they used to say in universities
and books on left wing politics and law
about underlying structures
that so far as they mean anything
still won't support the personal connections that you draw

Institutionalized misogyny--
that's all that stands between my baby and me

now science tells us I'm hard-wired to-- I'm required to--
do it with you
'cause I'm a man, and you're a woman
and that's what those kind of people do

I stole that line from Woody Allen
isn't it amusing?
I wish I could make you understand
what Woody Allen meant.
If there's no such thing as objective reality
why can't we quit our jobs and just imagine
we won't have to pay the rent?

Institutionalized misogyny--
that's why they're charging rent
to my baby and me

Michele, ma belle: ton beau, Michel Foucault
a Foucault dependent is always ready to go
I think we're alone
I might have known
she's got Chomsky on the phone

Institutionalized misogyny--
that's all that stands between my baby and me.


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Gotta love the "Dairy is Rape" button in the virtual-guitar-case. Rich!

(The song mentions Chomsky AND Foucault! How cool is that? Two assheads, one song!)

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