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dumb like a moose, dib*

My last few words on the Times story (snarky one-liners notwithstanding).

Raines also said that if he looked into his heart, his guilt as a white man from Alabama had something to do with why he gave Blair, a black reporter from Virginia, second and third and fourth chances.

White guilt? That is the most unbelievably appalling excuse for shoddy management I have ever heard. I am dumbfounded that this man runs The New York Times. A man who thinks a stuffed moose can solve an internal crisis of the highest order. A man who thinks the definition of reparation is: give a black man a job and then promote him ever time he fucks up.

As for Blair, don't worry about him. He'll be just fine, in the way that most celebrity liars, cheaters and stealers in this country are.

As the Times meeting was unfolding, Jayson Blair was holed up in an apartment in Manhattan, talking with his lawyer and his literary agent.

Jayson Blair may have lost his dignity, his job and his reputation. What he did not lose, however, is his future. A six figure deal, movie rights, perhaps a few talk shows when the time is right and if Blair plays his cards right he can stow away enough cash so he doesn't have to lie his way through another newspaper job again. How fortunate for him. Crime does pay, after all.

Ted Faraone, a PR agent who worked in the Times newsroom with Blair:

“If one thing can be said about this from a literary standpoint, the American people tend to be very forgiving if you come clean. They’ll watch the TV movie and pay $9.50 to see the feature film. It’s a strange commentary on celebrity in 21st-century America, but in a way that’s kind of how we rehabilitate people after they’ve fallen.”

It's disgusting, is what it is. I never plunked down a dollar to read the Times. I'm certainly not going to throw away ten dollars to see a revisionist screen version of the story, where Jayson Blair becomes the victim and Howell Raines is his white knight, riding in to save him on the back of a stuffed moose.

All quotes from Newsweek story Times Bomb

*See, Invader Zim; Bolognius Maximus


Especially amazing is Sulzburger's comment: 'My father and his generation were defined by the Great Depression and World War II, and it created a very strong command-and-control culture..."

The culture that the current Sulzburger has created may not be command-and-control in the modern sense; it sounds more like divine right of kings. It seems very clear that people were unwilling to speak out for fear of losing their heads.

Thats it, Michele! We'll take the entire editorial staff of the Times on a field trip to... A room with a MOOSE


Don't blame the moose! You just need to have a herd of them to consult--kind of like a committee. My herd has never steered me wrong. Well, there was that one time with the Midnight Run into Quebec....but that was mainly because I didn't bring enough whipped cream and bribe money.

Hey, I'm a white man from Alabama and I don't have any white guilt. Is that what they handed out when they were fresh out of brains?

i think this white guilt thing is so, so condescending to black people. it's sending the message that you aren't capable of handling things on your own without our help.

I see Blair working with Michael Moore on a future tissue of organic fertilizer - um, documentary.