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call off the national guard search, please

I am alive, thank you. Please stop calling 911.

I'm still recovering from last night but suffice it to say I have broken up with my long time companion, Mr. Cuervo. I never want to see him again.

I took over 200 pictures. Some of them may make it here, most of them will never see daylight.

A short preview of my details of the night: Barry White, Winger, coconut bras, penises galore. I suppose I'll have to blog the event in picture form so I can remember what happened.

Soon. First, I must find a cure for what ails me.


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well since you broke it off with him, you don't mind if i spend the night with him tonight do you? glad you had some fun!!

So you're the reason he suffered a stroke. I'm ashamed of you.

Nothin' takes the edge off a hangover like a red beer. Or three.

Beer. It's what's for breakfast.

Winger? Please tell me that is a lesbian affair with Debra, and not the hair band from the 80s.

Lots of iced tea (the virgin kind), Motrin, and greasy fries always cure me!

Glad you had a good time...that you remember, anyway!

Mr Cuervo? Tell that bastard he owes me 8 years back child support. He got me pregnant, twice.

No sympathy for you--OK a very little bit. You should have learned by your 37th birthday that Tequilla is BAD. I learned at Mardi Gras of my 37th year. Even Champagne doesn't hurt you as much as rotten cactus juice. At least you have pictures to remind you. Cock Ring Toss?