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i'll be singing 'sister christian' in about two hours

On my way out to the big drunken girlie bash now.

I stopped at Best Buy and picked up this box set, in addition to this. That should keep us thoroughly mortified through the night.

Now would be the time to start taking bets on what time I pass out.


You know, I was almost going to get that 80's music set a couple of weeks ago at Target.

I ended up buying the Matrix though, because I had never seen it.

sister christian!! no way!

now i have to go find cum on feel the noize to download... and what was that slade song with the black leather motorcycle chick in the video?

Sister Chrisitan was the secret song last week on the radio station I listen to. I thought of you, Michele!

And. starting at 5pm, it's all 80s weekend on the radio.

Ohh.... hasn't she got a luverly bunch of coconuts...

Woohoo! Ratt! "Round and Round" kicks ass. Plus Ratt is only one degree of separation from Milton Berle and his enormous cock.

It's funny how I can "visualize" those 80's tracks due to sitting home watching MTV.

The seventies tunes..... well.... was that a rush!

you neighbors are SOOO gonna hate you for that.

Wasn't Sister Christian in "Boogie Nights?"

Hope you had fun! Call me if you need bail money! ;-)

So, how hung over are you? Are there coconut bras scattered everywhere?

Knock, Knock, Knock!

Good Morning! Anybody home?

Can I interest anyone in a greasy pork sandwich, served in a dirty ashtray?