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tiny bubbles?

Posting will be light - and possibly non-existent - until tomorrow as I get ready for my sister's last-gasp girl's night. It's a tropical theme, which is really just an excuse to make exotic drinks and force someone to wear a coconut bra later on.

Rather than listen to Don Ho, we decided to pay tribute to my sister and play nothing but cheesy 80's new wave and hair metal.

Guess who's gonna end up playing air guitar to Poison while wearing a coconut bra and little else? That's right. Me. And when we are all too drunk to stand, we'll sit around watching Sixteen Candles.

I may do a drunken post or two, we'll see.

I'm bringing the camera.


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I actually found a coconut bra at a dollar store a few weeks ago. Real coconuts.
I was there to buy construction paper, but of course I had to buy it.

I'm not so much worried about whether the bubbles are tiny or not...it's the coconuts I'm interested in. Glad you're bringing a camera.

OOH--You must watch Valley Girl, too! And sing Johnny Are You Queer? at the top of your lungs, then stand outside and tortuously cry "Julie!"

Coconut-covered boobies are considered a delicacy in certain countries.

Coconut-covered boobies are considered a delicacy in certain countries.

I was so excited.

will you write "YVONNE" across your chest with lipstick and snap a pic for me? Can't blame a girl for asking. (have fun!!!!!)