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shadow of a doubt

The seeds of doubt are running rampant these days.

People are doubting the veracity of Salaam Pax's claims to be who he says he is. I've not taken a stand either way and I probably won't. As the seventh grade math homework says, there are not enough facts to support an answer.

People are doubting that there are or ever have been weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Of course, they are using that doubt as a soap box to declare the war unjust and false; nevermind the children freed from underground prisons or the uncovering of mass graves. I, for one, am doubting that most of the people declaring the war to be a scam care anything for anyone but themselves.

Joanie doubted Zander's claim to be a very sick boy. Then she doubted that Zander existed at all. And she was right.

Andrea doubts that the flightrisk chick is for real. I tend to agree with Andrea on this one, and for some of the same reasons; one being that it doesn't speak well of the truth to be backed up by a guy known for evading the truth. That would be like Jayson Blair coming to your defense in a perjury trial.

I'm beginning to doubt that Scott Peterson killed his wife. The latest news -that Laci's body was mutilated - has all the earmarks of a deranged, jealous lover. But that could just be my 7am self talking.

I sincerely doubt that George Pataki will be on my Christmas list this year. In fact, I doubt that I wouldn't have the urge to kick him in the balls should I ever run into him. Same for Mike Bloomberg.

Of course, there's the usual doubts. I doubt there will ever be peace in the mideast, I doubt that we will ever find out what happened to Saddam, I doubt that the Red Sox are for real or the Mets will get any better, and I doubt that the dream I had last night about Mark Steyn writing OpEds for Command Post will ever come true.

One thing I don't doubt is that tomorrow will mark the event of the worst hangover ever, as tonight is my baby sister's bachelorette party, which will involve no strippers, but plenty of alcohol and a Spongebob layer cake.

[And I doubt that this man is who he says he is - I have it on good faith that he's really Helen Thomas]


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You should be worried about the Red Sox,. They are only one game out even though Derek Lowe has sucked, Pedro has been shakely, Manny is not hitting for power and the defense has been ugly. Where will they be when the stars turn it up a notch?

Oh, that's more wishful thinking than real doubt.

On the whole, I don't think any sane person could argue that removing Saddam from power was a bad thing to do. However, the reasons given for going to war and subsequent policy shifts are slightly worrying.

My main concern is the issue of WMDs - primarily the fact that we've been told Iraq had them and now we're being told it's "not crucially important" whether we actually find any or not. It seems to me that if Iraq genuinely does possess WMDs, it's incredibly important for us to find them before they end up in dangerous hands.

If on the other hand, Iraq doesn't have WMDs and never really did in the buildup to war, then hey - the politicians have lied to us, but that's not exactly anything new since they do that all the time.

Well, it's on the Internet, so it MUST be true, right? RIGHT???

The thing is, Gareth, if Iraq didn't have WMD, why didn't they just cooperate with the UN inspectors and show us evidence that they had been destroyed? That would've solved everything. It's undisputed that they had them-- tons of them-- at one time. Not even Iraq denied that. All the UN asked them to do was show them that they no longer existed, and they couldn't or wouldnt do that.

The weapons were there. Are they still there? That's the real question. They could've been destroyed immediately before or during the war. They may have been moved to Syria or Iran. They may have been sold to terrorists. Or maybe they've just been moved and hidden somewhere else in Iraq. In any event, we'll find out eventually. People wanted to give the inspectors several months or even years, so I think a little patience is in order here.

I have a hard time believing that Bush & Co. just "made up" the whole WMD thing as an excuse to invade Iraq, because they'd have to know that eventually the truth would come out and there would be enourmous political consequences. I'd have an even harder time believing Tony Blair would go along with a sham like that, or that he could be completely duped by the likes of Bush.

Personally, I'm a little disappointed we haven't found the weapons yet, but I have faith that we will. And if we don't, and if Bush & Co. DID lie to us, I'll address that issue next time I step into a voting booth. But I won't be any less happy and proud that because of what we did, a ruthless madman has been deposed and 25 million oppressed people are free.

Speaking of doubts, Michele, the BBC and the Toronto star are both saying the whole Jessica Lynch rescue was staged for propaganda. How pathetically low can these wanna-be journalists sink?

I love webspiracies. They're endlessly entertaining, especially when someone gets busted HARD in a lie and skitters around all over the place trying to make excuses for it.

Have fun at the bachelorette party! No stripper? Come on, you GOTTA have a stripper! All the cool kids are getting them!

I think you should have a guy dressed like Spongebob strip down for your sister.

Exactly my point, dave! If there weren't and WMD in Iraq, then Saddam and friends were unbelievably stupid for not showing the weapons inspectors exactly that!

There is no other reason for them to deceive the UN other than to HIDE WMD. I give ZERO credance to anyone who is using the lack of evidence so far as proof that there never were WMD until they can explain why Saddam didn't just cooperate with the UN.

hmmm... spongebob no-pants!

Dave, I agree with pretty much everything you've said - I think I just phrased my last paragraph pretty badly in terms of what I was actually trying to say (I blame Friday for that myself).

The most important thing with regard to WMDs is that we find out what happened to them: whether they were destroyed, hidden, smuggled out of the country, used to make soup or whatever.

It's na´ve to expect this issue to be resolved quickly and easily, but I think it's wrong for politicians to publically play down its importance, especially when the WMD issue was used as one of the main arguments to persuade the public to support an armed conflict in the first place (it certainly was in the UK anyway). Doing that only trivialises what should be regarded as a very serious matter, and one that until recently was being talked about as such.

I don't doubt for one minute that Saddam genuinely had something to hide from the weapons inspectors. That and the fact that he is/was a paranoid crackpot who probably underestimated the resolve of the US/UK to boot him out if he failed to cooperate. Very few people apart from the whack-jobs at indymedia would honestly argue that getting rid of Saddam was a bad thing to do, and that the Iraqi people should benefit greatly as a result.

However, none of that makes me any happier about the UK government giving me one set of reasons for war beforehand and now telling me afterwards that those don't really matter, because they've uncovered a lot of other bad things about Saddam that we all knew anyway. I'm glad Saddam's gone and I know I'm dumb to expect honesty from my politicians, but I find it insulting for them to expect me to forget everything I was being told a couple of months ago.

Duck walks in to a bar. He says, "I have a bomb in my briefcase. Give me all your money or I'll blow up the bar". Bartender shoots the duck. Turns out that all the duck has in the briefcase is a PB'n'J and George Galloway's phone number. Darn.

Why does it always have to be a duck? Why not a cow, or maybe a gorilla. I mean, come on, how can a duck even carry a briefcase? At least pick a creature with dextrous digits and a size ratio that would better support the crux of the joke, i.e. animal with briefcase. And, really, what does a duck have to gain through extortion like that? Does it have a drinking problem? If the damn duck needed money so bad, why didn't it try holding up a bank rather than a bar? Was this just a crime of opportunity? And a PB&J sandwich just doesn't strik me as standard duck fare. Maybe the duck accidently mixed up his briefcase with somebody else. Maybe some poor unsuspecting soul is actually walking around with an honest-to-goodness bomb in his briefcase. We should really get the word out on this. We should warn people that, if they remember sitting next to a duck with a briefcase, they should check to make sure their own briefcase is actually theirs'. This could really turn out to be disastrous.

Ryan, what's important here is for the bartender to UNDERSTAND the duck. He needs to determine what HE did to the duck that's making him act that way. Clearly its BARTENDERS' arrogance toward ducks that has resulted in this holdup. They DESERVE it when these things happen.

Oh, and another thing. The duck only has a briefcase in the first place because many many years ago, the duck was in trouble and needed a briefcase, so the bartender helped him out. So you see, it's the bartender's fault...he created the duck.

I think the description of Salam Pax is a bit overheated. Yes it's obvious that Salam is a rich bitch (with all that implies in a third world country), and yes it's obvious that his attitudes aren't well thought out... Big deal.

One thing that's also obvious is that people's attitudes in general in this totalitarian, never democratized country aren't particularly liberal or even particularly practical. These people have never had a shred of responsibility for anything and they're not used to choosing, only complaining... What I'm getting at is that it's my impression that attitudes like Salam's are pretty common no matter what class a person is from.

And to claim that Salam is a suave propagandist up to no good is nonsense. Salam is wishwashy and whiny. He doesn't have really strong opinions, he's just a regular nurotic drama queen ok? I'm glad he's not in control of anything, but give the poor guy a break.

Since it is apparent that these things will out eventually, I have a confession to make.

I'm.......oh, this is so difficult.

I'm......not....actually....a rabbit.

There, I've said it.

Dave, you're right, something's fowl here. I'm concerned there may be other ducks out there, an entire web perhaps, with one main duck coordinating the briefcase attacks and footing the bill. This duck (I'll call him Daffy) must be found, and all ducks like him. These birds of a feather tend to flock together. Maybe the briefcases have more than bombs. Maybe they're filled with anthquacks and smallducks and other malardies.

Sheesh, this comment really laid an egg.

Egg? I'm pretty sure that's a turd, dude. :)

Red Sox bashing?? You ARE looking for that ceremonious delinking!

You'll be sorry when the Sox take the AL East.. of course, I'll be too in shock to rub it in.....

But, Michele.....you haven't really come clean about being a 12 year old boy.....until I get the proof of that one, I will continue to speculate and spread rumors.

Thanks for entertaining me so very much during the last year! I love you!

I thought about posting on the Scott Peterson thing last night ... if the report that even internal organs were removed is true, it no longer sounds like a guy who was just looking to be rid of his wife. Or one who might have killed her accidentally during a fight. And since the whereabouts of where Scott went fishing were known not long after the disappearance, it's possible the body could have been dumped in an effort to get the heat off the real killers.

Or, perhaps, Scott Peterson is just a sick fuck.

I suppose time and evidence will tell.

My money's on Scott being on sick fuck.

Since Bigwig brought the topic up, I'll confess I'm not really a snake. I'm just a bitch. But I am not Salam Pax.

Since Bigwig brought the topic up, I'll confess I'm not really a snake. I'm just a bitch. But I am not Salam Pax.