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six fingers


That's the six-fingered hand from the opening of Chiller Theater, which aired on WPIX 11 in the New York area.

For your listening pleasure, Fantomas (yet another Mike Patton band) with some horror movie covers:

Experiment in Terror (MP3)
Rosemary's Baby (MP3)

Watch the opening sequence - six fingers and all!

[does anyone know how I would get that to be embedded on this post?]


Oh My God!!!!! I remember that from when I was little, we had PIX in upstate too- that and the Yule log on Christmas eve!!!

we need to find chiller theater w/ sound

I LOVED Chiller Theater. Every Saturday night... wow, saw all the old Vincent Price films, also the originals of Dracula and Frankenstein.

I hate scary movies now.

a person is in a bathroom and repeatedly rinses a spider down the drain. the spider keeps crawling back up out of the drain but each time he is bigger. And Bigger. AND BIGGER...

for years i have remembered this episode but i just can't figure out where i saw it...
twilight zone?
one step beyond?
outer limits?
? ? ?

help meeeeeee...

I believe it was the Mike Patton connection that found you to me in the first place........
Thanks for the beminder!

To embed the movie try this:

embed src="../mov/chiller.mov" width="360" height="265" pluginspage="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download" align="middle" vspace="2" hspace="2"

change the * to and of course change the ../mov/chiller.mov to your own location.

If anyone wants to see the original opening go here.

OOH! OOH! OOH! GAWD I miss Chiller Theater!!! That opening sequence with the six-fingered hand just ROCKED!!!
(The pieces of my very warped childhood is coming back to me now...)

Wasn't there a version of the sequence where the letters try to get away, and the hand is still "gobbling" them up?

Or am I remembering somebody else's sequence?

Dean you got it right...........speaking of cheese anyone remember "Squirm", where a storm knocked over an electrical wire that energized earthworms, and the "bully' was turned 'into' a worm and tried to eat his ex-girlfriend and new beau??????

Speaking of WPIX, can anyone remeber what was playing on it right before the Blackout of 77.....

I was sitting in my grandparnets living room watching it on their bigscreen 13 inch Black and white (my uncle who lived upstairs had a 19 color and we watched Abbot and Costello and the Three Stooges every Sunday morning).....

The Answer later/ It isone of my favorite memories growing up as the whole family (all 13 of my Grandmother's brothers and sisters and their families) gathered in the 3 homes in Woodhaven that consitituted our 'compound" (ala Godfather)

HELP!!!! Does anyone know the title of a movie that was shown on Chiller Theater in the 60's:
The movie had flying brains with spinal cords...it's killin' me that I can't remember the name of this movie! Thanks ;)

The movie with the brains is "the Fiend Without a Face" Pretty good movie actually. Criterion did a wonderful DVD of it.

I remember too. I was very young, but my older sister peed her self watching this show.

I want to see the video. I love when the hand came out and would eat the letters. It made my sister run and pee herself. I wish I could go back.

Chiller scared the heck out of me, but I would wait for it to come on every Sat. night! That was back in '72-'73. I loved when at the end of the movie sometimes they would play it backwards; that was even more scary!!!!!and I do remember the yule log on x-mas eve on WPIX!!!!

Oh My God!!! I absolutely remember the chiller theater hand! I used to be terrified of the music and the voice and just the idea of the hand. I would pull the blanket over my head and cover my ears and say "la la la la..." Then finally I said to myself at the age of 7 "stop being scared and just watch the hand" after that, I always looked forward to seeing it again . LOL! If anyone has a video with audio file can you please send it to me?

Also, about the blackout in '77 in NYC, I was watching the muppets on channel 2 at 7:30pm. I think it was about 7 minutes into the show and I was mad that it shut down LMAO Thanks everyone for the memories. Hugs to all

I would love to see the chiller six finger hand comeing out of the quicksand again, can anyone provide me with this request.
Thank you so much that thing use to scare the crap out of me.

If you are looking for the sound for WPIX's Chiller Theater, go to the following site:
http://dvddrive-in.com, then click on "The Complete CHILLER". Once there, scroll down and you'll see the sequence to CHILLER. Also, there is another link that shows the first opening sequence to "Chiller Theater" from the 1960's. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks so much for your website! Here, after,
god knows how many years, I finally saw and heard
at least part of the ORIGINAL intro to WPIX-TV's
1960s weekend sci-fi fest "Chiller Theatre"
(ie. The intro that begins with Vampira from
Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space" lunging at the camera. But please answer these questions, if you can:

1.) What was the name of the music used over that

2.)Who wrote and/or recorded it?

3.) Is the audio recording available on CD or DVD?
If yes, where is it available?

4.) If not available, how can I download it from this or another site onto CD or DVD? I'll glady pay a fee to do so.

Thanks Again! Greg Battaglia
E-mail: gregorybattaglia@hotmail.com

Does anyone remember the name of the episode where an English motorcycle gang was committing suicide in order to come back to life? If so, what was the name of the episode?

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The English Motorcycle Gang one was

Wow....I cannot believe I am not the last person on EARTH that remembers this stuff, Chiller, PIX, The Magic Garden, Kids are People Too, Wonderama, Godzilla and King Kong around Thanksgiving time, March of The Wooden Soldiers around Christmas, The 4:30 movie, that dude that used to give the WPIX editorial before cartoons like Mighty Mouse or Heckle and Jeckle came on, I could go on and on....