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apropos of everthing

via Beth:

i'm going to mail this to the last comic shop i was in
[go read diesel sweeties now!]


both of my local shops have female clerks on some shifts, but i still almost never see girls in the shops without their boyfriends. shrug

Cute cartoon. I'd like to note that there's nothing wrong with booby-related posters, though. I outgrew them many, many years ago, but I still hold many fond memories.

And, yes, that last sentence is just ripe for a pun, but I decided to stick with the high ground this once.

What a timely comic.

What a timely comic.

Hey, I'm so glad you liked it!! It seems to be a great comic strip over all!

When Dark Horse and I discovered that the readership of our manga books ranged from 35% to 50% female, we tried to get the Comics Journal and other comics magazines interested; tried to get Diamond to promote them as a way of "getting girls to buy comics;" tried to get the retailers stoked...etcetera.
It was a complete waste of time. No one wanted to know.
They still don't, despite regular puzzlement from the industry about how to get more female readership.
I give up. "You can lead a horse to water..."