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crowhaven farm!!

Thanks to my astute readers, who apparently watched as much bad tv as I did growing up, I have unlocked the mystery of the movie that my mother thought I made up.

Crowhaven Farm, starring Hope Lange.

I was pretty sure that was it, thanks to Rob. Then Solly left this link and as soon as I saw these pictures, it all came flooding back:

Give us the Child commands one of the witches. No, not my baby, screams Meg. The child is then taken away from her and before her is the large board and Rocks that await her fate. Meg screams in horror as the board is placed on top of her. Finally her fate has come full circle, says the supreme witch. Meg Carey, you are here before us just like you have been before.
[photos from lastdriveinontheleft.com]

This was a 1970's made for T.V Movie and was shown in New York as I remember, on the ABC 4:30 Movie. I remember this movie as being one of the greatest T.V Suspense/Horror films.

Yes, it was the 4:30 movie, not the 4:00 movie. I must get a copy of Crowhaven Farm.

Thanks to everyone who helped me figure this one out (ok, figured it out for me). Now I am going to spend the rest of the night thinking about those cheesy witchcraft/horror movies of my youth.


Did you ever see the one, I think it was called "Race with the Devil" about the family in the Winnebago that is terrorized by devil worshipers? Or how 'bout Gargoyles?

Two words.
"Satan's Cheerleaders"

What about that classic movie "Scream, Peggy, Scream!"

If you're going to race with the devil, you've got to be as fast as Hell!
Starring Peter Fonda!

Joanie, do you mean Scream Pretty Peggy with Bette Davis?

Did anyone ever see What's the Matter With Aunt Helen?

2000 Maniacs!!!

I remember this movie! Scared the bejeezes out of me. I had nightmares about the board and the rocks for weeks.


"The House on Greenapple Road," where Eve Plumb comes home from school and sees a kitchen smeared with blood?

I can't believe someone remembers these films! What a terrifying childhood, growing up in the 70s. If it wasn't one of these, it was Trilogy of Terror (remember the voodoo doll? My teenaged sister had a booble head one just like the one in the movie in our bedroom!).

No wonder I was an insomniac!

The 90 minute "Movie of the Week" spawned a lot of bad horror. One glaring example that sticks out in my mind was "Bad Ronald" starring Scott Jacoby .

Now THAT was camp!

I gotta get my hands on a copy of The Dark Secret of Harvest Home. That one was pretty good...

ok, three movies that scarred me for life... Devil Dog (self-explanatory), Alive (Do you remember those babies' faces? they had fangs!), and the movie where a family with two kids move into a house with their grandmother and the boy doesnt like her and he puts some kind of lizard in her bed and she has a heart attack and dies. something about him walking on the roof too??? - i think the grandma was ruth gordon). i guess i had an equally warped childhood. AND I LOVE VINCENT PRICE!

"Trilogy of Terror"! Watching this as a kid was the first time I had the actual sensation of chills up my spine. Previously I assumed it was just a figure of speech. The only other movie that was remotely that scary was "The Legend of Boggy Creek" or the "Night Gallery" TV series.

Nope....it was a really tacky movie called "Scream, Peggy, Scream!" complete with crazed woman whimpering on the floor in the middle of a circle she'd drawn on the floor to protect her from the spirits who were tormenting her.

I've wondered why ABC hasn't released any of the "4:30 Movies" or "Movies of the Week" om video.
I loved those movies of the 70's. However, I also loved shows like Get Christie Love - which I had the opportunity to by the pilot on DVD. After watching it, I wonderd what was I thinking when I used to make sure I was home to watch it back then.
Getting to my point, there was another ABC mocie that I really enjoyed called "The Others". I believe it starred Kim Darby who moved to a small town to be the teacher to the towns kids. As it turns out, the whole town are decendents of aliens who came to earth hundreds of years before.
Finally, there were 2 others movies I liked. I don't remember the titles but one had Llyod Bridges - I think and it was about Dreams being reality and reality was just a dream. The 2nd was about this guy and his wife who were passing thru town and he woke up in the motel to a loud humming noise and saw that everyone in the town became zombies and were walking about - including his wife. Turns out an alien spaceship crashed and they were using the townspeople to repair it.
So, anyone remember the titles to these?

For Curtis:
The two movies with Lloyd Bridges and the town with aliens controlling the people were The Love War and Night Slaves (starring, I think, James Franciscus). Bizarre but entertaining movies.

Fangs for the memories everyone! I loved all those 70's movies growing up. There was one I remember being on after school, about a family that moves to a new neighborhood (formulaic) and the mother finds a voodoo doll under the daughter's pillow? Anyone remember something like that? Love the series Dark Shadows & Bewitched too. Do you remember the movies "When Michael Calls" and "Alice, Sweet Alice" (Brooks Shields first film), and "Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice" (with Ruth Gordon?). The last 2 were great drive-in movies. Also - "The Last House on the Left," "Don't go down in the Basement." Gargoyles - I forgot about that one! There was another one with Pamelyn Ferdin as a child - and a wax hand, and she's connecting with another dead child?

Thank God there are other Crowhaven Farm fans out there! Growing up and living in England this brilliant little film is almost impossible (actually it is impossible!) to either see on tv or get on video/dvd. I saw this first in about 1974 and it has stayed with me ever since. The scene where Meg is confronted by the witches and the door has chilled the blood for the last 30 years. Maybe it may not have the same impact now as it did when I was 13 but I'd love to see this little gem once more. Anyone out there help a poor English guy?

I remember the movie "Scream, Peggy Scream"!! I found your post as I was searching for it! The Betty Davis Movie didn't sound right to me either. Then I read what you had posted and was really surprised. Any luck finding it yet?

Crowhaven Farm

The original air date was Tuesday November 24,1970 at 8:30PM EST on ABC's Movie of the Week. It may have aired as a re-run at 4:30PM in New York sometime later.

I loved the t.v. movies from the late 60s and early 70s, but we used to get them at 8:30 at night in Massachusetts. I was only occasionally allowed to stay up until 10:00 to watch them because I was very young. Does anyone remember the name of the movie where, once again, a family has moved into an old house and they hear someone calling out looking for someone at night. I believe he's saying "[some girl's name) come home." Turns out he's a ghost who had killed his daughter, buried her in the basement and pretended she left home. That and Crowhaven Farm were my favorites, but it's driving me nuts that I can't remember the name of the movie.

There was a show, late 60's, early 70's,, I think a comedy, about a chubby, middle aged misfit alien in a pseudo superman suit, that was played by the actor, sorry forgot his name, that was on Gilligans island as the collector of the Pussycat Swallowtail butterfly?

One more for you all, a horror film, early 70's about a serial killer that collected womens body parts, specifically blondes, since his mom was blonde, and he would sew them together to make human mannequins. I remember the ending where he fell out of a tall old house and was impaled by a sharp wrought iron fence spike,,
Can anyone help!!??

funny... got to thinking about the movie Crowhaven Farm that I had seen so long ago... and thinking about the girl Jennifer (the witch child)... and decided to see what i could pull up.. damn.. I didnt realize there was a 'fan club' out there for Crowhaven Farm.. seems like it has become a cult film not unlike the way Dark Shadows had become that.... oh speaking of Dark Shadows.. I may have the only copies in existence far as I know.. the Dark Shadows novels based on the TV series and written by Marilyn Ross during its heyday of the '70's. I collected them all when I was a kid and still have them today.. however because of their age, I have to be careful in handling them. They are an olive green paperbacks with oval photos taken from the Dark Shadows series.
Another movie (made for the theater) made in the '70s was "Count Yorga" (vampire them)... does anyone remember this one? I thought it was great...
and by the way. where can I get a copy of Crowhaven Farm.... and Count Yorga? Thanks


does any body remember the early 70's classic movie about some guy carring a severed head in a box then would go to windows and open the box and the head would harm the person inside with some type of mental telepathy. it was a black and white movie. does any know if there is a copy avilable for purchase from some movie co.

the movie copy i am looking for is the love war, sorry did not finish posting.

The movie with the ghostly voice crying "Ammie, come home!" was called "The House that Would Not Die." Adapted from the novel by Barbara Michaels called (of course) "Ammie, Come Home."

Never released on video, AFAIK.

Paul Thompson