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when vincent price was cool

Three times today I started to write a post about Jayson Blair, the New York Times and future lawsuits. And each time I got three sentences in and my brain screeched to a halt.

I think we'll stick to BlogLite(tm) today.

Back in the good old days of 70's today, there was this show called The 4:00 Movie (I was reminded of this by Joe's post about Afterschool Specials). Every day they would show some cheesy movie, usually an Vincent Price/Edgar Allen Poe creepfest or some black and white sci-fi laugher that really wasn't supposed to be a laugher.

It was on the 4:00 Movie that I first saw The Fly and I dreamed for months after that of being trapped in a spider web. In those dreams I had the face of Vincent Price. I still don't know which fate was worse - the face I had to wear or the fact that I was about to become a spider's dinner.

Every once in a while they would show a truly scary movie, like Devil's Rain, starring Ernest Borgnine's melting face.

There was one movie I cannot for the life of me remember except for one scene at the end. A group of Amish-looking people were standing around a shallow grave. There was a woman in the grave and she was alive. I think she was pinned down somehow. One by one, the townspeople started throwing rocks into the grave, kids and adults alike, until the woman was buried underneath them. The movie ended like that. I don't remember much else except that the woman's grevious transgression had something to do with not belonging in the town, or not acting like everyone else.

Don't say The Lottery, because that's what everyone else says and it wasn't that.

If anyone can tell me what movie I just described I would be truly grateful and I can prove to my mother I didn't make the whole thing up in my head like that movie about the Siamese triplets who folded into each other like stacking cups.

I miss those stupid 4:00 movies.


Hey, was that movie a single movie or one of those trilogy of terror type deals that had a few different stories in one movie?

Not being picky, because your post brings back some good memories. But it was the 4:30 movie. I know this because I was an addict. The best were the "theme weeks" - "Planet of the Apes Week," "War Movie Week" (which always included "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen), and, of course, Vincent Price Week.

Farther back than that, in the early to mid 60's channel 7 (ABC in NYC as I'm sure you'll remember) had a 5-o'clock movie with a rotating topic. We always turned to it right after WPIX's (11) Three Stooges with "Officer Joe "Bolton. Monday would be a War pic like "Pork Chop Hill", Tuesday would be a cowboy flick, etc. The Horror/Sci-Fi day was my favorite. We'd set up the tray tables in the living room and eat supper to Nicholson in "Little Shop of Horror", or the original "Blob", or "Forbidden Planet". Great stuff!

They weren't throwing the rocks on HOPE LANGE (tv's Ghost & Mrs. Muir) ? were they?

if it was, they weren't Amish, they were Puritans, and it had to do with the Salem witches, but I can't remember the name of the movie either.

Crowhaven Farm

I keep telling myself:
IMDB BEFORE you post the comment. IMDB BEFORE you post the comment. IMDB BEFORE you post the comment. IMDB BEFORE you post the comment.

We had something similar on Sat nights, and I remember all those Dracula, Vincent Price, monster, scary movies fondly :)

And blog lite is of the good. (Considering I just posted about Simon Cowell & George Stephanopoulos) (hey, my head hurts, and I spent the morning at the dentist -- I'm not responsible!)

I grew up in Queens (Woodhaven, Bayside, Flushing) and remember running home after school for the movies on WPIX.....My favorite was always MONSTER WEEK!!!!!!!! When in grade school (5th-8th) I would go home for lunch everyday (back when a 10 - 11 year old could walk home by himself) to have a lunch of a sandwich, some Charlie's Chips and watch Rhoda and Good Times on WPIX. Or Maybe walk up to Nunzio's on Frannie Lewis Blvd and 34th Ave for a Sicillian Slice and Coke ($1.05 total)......

Talking about Vincent Price one of the greatest schlock horror films of his was "The Abominable Doctor Phibes" .

In England horror films were rated X and you had to be 16 to get in. Sneaking past the usher was also part of the thrill

I was going to say Crowhaven Farm too, or possibly "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home".

But I was sure you were talking about The Lottery at first.

If it's Crowhaven Farm, these pictures might prove it. Or not.

Not to quibble, but Vincent Price never STOPPED being cool...he's da man!

I'll never forget Vincent Price in his greatest role, Hiram, the Blacksmith...

Did he kiss you unexpectedly on the back of the neck?

That's cool.

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