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thursday fatigue syndrome

You ever just sit at your desk spacing out and when you try to pull your shit together you suddenly feel as if a giant alien made of nothing but gills came down and sucked your lifeforce from you and now you can't do anything but imagine how wonderful it would be to sleep for twenty years like some new-aged Rip Van Winkle except when you woke up from your slumber you would take a look around, roll over and go back to sleep?


That's a perfect description of how I feel today. I want to crawl into a nice warm cave somewhere and sleep for the next few weeks. Bears have the right idea -- hibernation is the way to go!

Umm, yes, but I usually don't have the energy to type a sentence like that. Color me impressed.

Jeez, I've felt like that all WEEK.


Your fatigue is not part of you. It's part of your false self. I, for instance, had to take a pill for my gout, which always makes me sleepy. I'm telling myself that the tiredness only exists in my false self and I can sleep if I want to but I really don't have to ... zzzzz


I ALWAYS feel like that on Thursday!
My name for it was "Stupid Thursday". You are much more eloquent.

Um well I fell asleep driving to work the other day and actually hit another car. Sucks being me.