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Neil Cavuto always looks like he's still got the hanger in his suit jacket.


I think he looks like a grown up Eddie Munster. ::grin::

Maybe we should cut him some slack. I believe he has MS. (I'm not kidding at all). He frequently does his broadcasts while suffering from extreme fatigue and splitting headaches.

He looks like someone left a cactus on his chair.

Neil really let that NY Times columnist have it though, but I don't think he'd fare too well in a brawl.

I'll be damned. I used some sophisticated software to analyze that picture, and I think michele is right!

After the way he wuss-slapped Paul Krugman, I don't care if he puts angle iron under his jacket. He's cool in my book.

There's nothing wrong with the brain between the ears, though. Krugman is probably still picking shrapnel out of his ass after that last broadside.