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if only layne staley were available...

Scott Weiland, Slash and Duff McKagan together at last. It's a trifecta!

This is what Guns 'n' Roses has morphed into - Rock 'n' Rehab.

Appetite for destruction, indeed.

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That's disappointing. I was hoping they'd pick somebody better than that. The guy's talented but he's a freakin' loser. (but then again, so was Axl) They're just asking for trouble.

Well I have to say, outside of the decadent nature of anyone in that business, I would love to hear some great tunes flying from the likes of G'nR or at least some close facsimile thereof. Axl was too much of a headcase.

I really look forward to hearing some great stuff from these guys!

I have a huge soft spot for scott weiland. I can't wait!

1. Don't drag Layne Staley into this. 2. This is ridiculous. I can see it now... Weiland coming out on stage in a pimp hat and purple boa singing "You're Carzy". 3. Is STP a thing of the past?

Reading about the tryouts for a new frontman gave me this creepy American Idol image in my mind. I'm glad they passed over Sebastian Bach but I don't know that Scott will be a much better fit.

Sniff. I miss Axl.

But where's IZZY?


Big Hair is saying that Slash isn't happy that Weiland made the announcement.

Anyone care to start a "How long Scott Weiland lasts with Slash" Pool?

I don't know from experience, but I imagine that if I were a recovering drug addict, joining the guys from G'n'R probably wouldn't be the best way to stay clean.

i'm hoping for a relapse... i thought tiny music was a masterpiece

They will all burn in hell!

gnr rip