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My blue photo for today (see here)

Denise has sent a gorgeous "blue" photo. See below.
Keith has added his.

This is the hallway at work. I took this photo on my way out, as I was walking - hence the blur effect. The camera was on a very dark setting, but the hallways at work are pretty dark - the County thinks it's going to save money by turning off the overhead lights during the day, but I figure they'll get screwed when someone trips in the hallway and sues them. And yes, the hallways are that blue. The recent paint job must have been the result of a low bidder who had stock in blue paint - the doorways, walls and molding are all several hideous shades of blue. I have to fight the urge every day to paint nursery rhyme scenes on the wall.[click for larger image]

Here's Denise's Blue Pool:

Keith's blue roller coaster ride:

[click for larger]


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All of these images are stolen.

But do I get credit for composition?

I loaded it up too big tho.

Might wanna open it in a new window...

Thanks for including my pool, Michele :) Looking at it again makes me want to go back to Yellowstone for another trip.

Ooh, I just got a compliment from my Hubby for sending you the picture.

I see oral sex in my future, even though it's all disgusting and sick-making. :-)

too late to play?