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do not bait me with your hate mail. do.not.

Please be advised that today is not the day to piss me off. If you have a problem remembering that, please check the Handy Dandy Cycle Chart and note that today is Day Two. Day Three does not get any better. The difference between the two is a kick in the ass or a kick in the balls.


If you'd like me to, I'd gladly rub your body down with oil to help relieve the symptoms?

Well, uhm... I just stopped by to throw in my support and a campaign contribution to the Slutpublican party.

If it helps in any way, I have a digital camera, and will photograph you and Yvonne...? Of course if it doesn't help, all the guy here want pics anyway.

big toothy grin

So I should stay home again tomorrow? Let's see: Michele Day Three or a coughing, puking, snotting, shitting, almost two year old.....maybe I'll just stay home and see you tomorrow night for mas tequilla even though it will be Day Four!

Glad I only feel bad on Day One. All my teary bitchiness happens during PMS.

FYI: Biore's Warming Deep Pore Cleanser fought off all but two of my 'monthly zits,' and those two were tiny. (Not bragging, just recommending)

And my favorite form of relief is a shot of Nyquil chased by a beer. You'll sleep right through the pain. And the fire alarm, the bombs, Armageddon, etc. Of course the taste in your mouth when you wake up takes a few brushings and a handful of Altoids to get rid of, but anything to make the pain go away, right?

Otoh, the extremely entertaining rage you'd deliver to any troll shtoopid enough to taunt you would make Andrea Harris look like Elmo the Muppet.