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daily comic post: punish me

They already ruined the Punisher movie by making it look like Punisher's Retarded Brother, so I don't know why I'm surprised that the rest of the casting will suck as well.

John Travolta has been cast to play the villain in the upcoming Artisan feature based on Marvel's tormented hero...Travolta plays a character, created just for the movie, named Howard Saint.

It's moves like this that makes me wish Pulp Fiction was never made. If it weren't for Travolta's cult-favorite-Tarantino-status he would be making Look Who's Talking 6: L. Ron Hubbard Speaks Through Dogs instead of destroying what should have been a good movie with his Vinnie Barbarino grimacing that some people call acting.

I have just about given up on comic book-film adaptations. At this point, I hope Sandman and Preacher never, ever get made because I would only end up horribly disappointed. Perhaps Hellboy will turn me around. Maybe.

In a reverse genre-crossing, I am looking forward to the graphic novel version of Battle Royale, which just may be in my comic book shop right now.



"Battle Royale" manga?! SWEEEET!

Don't be dissing Thomas Jane. He's the bottom slice on a Jason Statham-Sekimori sandwich!

Hellboy...The guys at 4th World were talking about that awhile back and I'm ambivalent to it getting made into a movie. Hellboy's one of my faves and I'm not sure it will translate well to the big screen....

Wanna know why these stories never really turn out right in films?

Because, mainly, comics have long runs, giving those involved a chance to explore the psyches and backgrounds of the characters.

That doesn't wash in the movies. Apparently people want this. Now, normally, I take these 'studies' with a pinch of salt, but I worked at a cinema not too long ago, and, well, those crowds for xXx, Two Weeks Notice and Jason X were pretty large.

And I never want to hear the words 'Shakespeare in Love' anywhere near the phrase 'perfect movie' ever again, or Hulk smash, ok?

The original Punisher movie was kewl.

Can I infer from this that you're not enthused about Keanu Reeves playing John Constantine next year?

"Oi'm a nawsty piece of work, dude-er, mate."

Whoa there... other people know about "Battle Royale"? I am dying - ahem - to see this flick.

Anybody know how to get a U.S. formatted copy? I had read that available DVDs don't run on US formats, nor do videtapes.

Anybody know how to get a U.S. formatted copy? I had read that available DVDs don't run on US formats, nor do videtapes.

You heard wrong. US-region and no-region dvds exist. If you are in Chicago, you can just go to Hard Boiled on Roscoe and pick one up.

Thad, I actually used to live five blocks from Hard Boiled. It's now only a short cab ride away. Thanks!