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and yet more signs

Yes, there are even more entries in the sign contest. They seem to get funnier -albeit sicker - as time goes on. I may not want this to end.

Links below to the latest, greatest submissions.

(If I missed yours or you haven't posted yours yet, please post them in the comments.)

Also, don't forget Andy's sign contest, and Jim Treacherhas a way for you to make fun of the New York Times.

From NC:


From David Gillies:

Happy Fun


Gretchen Pirillo's (I especially like the Michael Jackson one)

Laurence discovers the Hazmat sign maker

John Huddock

Lone Wacko with three more

Steve B.

Dave added two more


I've got a couple more this a.m. I wish that you would like them. :)

Amish Tech Support is hosting the Treacher NYT slogan contest, and I have a few entries at Instaconfused

instaconfused, that was pretty good, I'll get some ready