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my photo muse came for a visit

I was inspired by someone to take some black and white photos today. I used the digital today. Tomorrow I will take the 35mm out. I'm seriously thinking of getting a Lomo before my sister's wedding.

I shot about 30 photos and ended up with a few that captured what I was seeing at the moment.

Not one to leave well enough alone, and feeling a bit creative, I opened up Photoshop and took liberties with my own pictures.

I only played with the coloring on this photo. I was trying to recreate the mood - that weird vibe that surrounds you when a storm is approaching. The whole effect of the moment; stuck in traffic with seagulls screeching by your car and Portishead on the stereo, the wind carrying ominous clouds on by - just can't be captured with film alone. This is as close as I could get.

Same view, different take, this one is untouched. The focus here was not really on the steeple, but on the symmetry of the streetlights against the layers of clouds. I was driving when I shot this. Traffic started moving, the seagulls took off and I snapped the photo just as I stepped on the gas.

I had to stop on my way home from work to pick Natalie up from extra help. I took about 20 shots while I waited, but most of them were ruined by too much wind, raindrops and cars going by. I played around in Photoshop with one of the kids playing on the school lawn. I tried to use filters that would give the essence of kids in motion. The kid with the rope was smaller than the rest and he was whipping everyone who walked by - most kids ignored him. I pinched the photo to give the impression that the kid was the center of attention, but not.

These guys live on top of my computer. I changed the color to bring out the features of each figure a little more, and to invoke a shadowy feeling. Ryu looks pissed, doesn't he?

And then I made my first wallpaper, using a photo of flowers in the rain (800X600).

And that's today's photo musings. Thanks for joining us.


That Strong Bad doll kind of looks like Spiderman.

The one in the middle? That's a Transformers bobblehead.

Get the Lomo! Get the Lomo! You will never regret it, you will never be able to put it down. I love the damn thing, and their site is pretty neato too. Just look at my Lomohome. Waaaaaay fun.

Somehow I've caused the purchase of 3 Lomos and Holgas in the past week. In fact, I just has to have "the talk" with the husband. You know the one...where they don't like you touching their computers so it works both ways and you have to break it gently to them that they're going to have to get their own damn cameras. ;-)

I can't wait to get the pics he shot developed! I'm gonna be making lomo-motion.com into "his" and "hers" sections when we get all of our film back.

And I forgot to comment that I loooooove the wallpaper!

You stole my idea. I demand compensation!

Great stuff, Michele. Get yourself a Holga along with the Lomo - Holagas are more fun than should be legal with a camera. After you tape up all the light leaks, that is. I've got two Holgas - one always has b/w film loaded, the other color. (I've also got a Lubitel, a Rolleicord and a '67 Polaroid Land camera - who needs all this newfangled stuff?)

Another Lomo fantasizer, I see....A part of me thinks, "shit, you just dumped 2K into your rig, what's another hunny?" The other part of me thinks, "shit, you just dumped 2K into your rig, you should be drinking Piels, living on rice and ketchup and forgetting about shittily-hip photographic remnants of the Soviet Union."

Then again, I also have to buy a summer/linen suit, so all bets are off and rationale has gone the way of the Dodo. I'll see you on lomohome, doll.

Don't spend the money on the Lomo. It aint worth it. Buy a Kiev 35A. It works just the same and you'll only be out 30 bucks. Lomo is cool if you want to take part in the "marketing" community but if you just like to tinker with photography on your own then get the Kiev.