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who is that bowtied man?

So, I was watching Crossfire and the oddest thing happened. Maxine Waters said something I agreed with. Yes, let's stop calling the Saudis our friends. They are anything but.

I guess my whole world shifted after that incident and I started seeing things in a different light. As I stared at the tv, I noticed something odd. I moved closer to the screen, not sure if my eyes were deceiving me.

Sure, he calls himself Tucker Carlson when he's on Crossfire, but I figured out who he really is.

tucker.jpg glenn.jpg

Well, have you ever seen Tucker and Glenn in the same room? I thought not.

Maybe I should start doing drugs again. It can only help.


i was going to say "as long as he's tied to my bed, i don't care who he really is," but i'd really hate to piss off mrs reynolds.

i don't mind pissing off mrs carlson in the slightest, however.

I saw that segment, too, and it frightened me. I may not be on solid foods for a week now.

Glenn sort of resembles John Sebastian of the Lovin' Spoonfuls, too.

And John has the glasses!

It's the Clark Kent/Superman thing, obviously. And now that we all know his secret identity, the laws of the comic book universe require us all to die.


This is how you know the difference.

Tucker Carlson = hot

Glenn Reynolds = dork