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Link Whore night! (aka self love)

Tonight is Link Whore night. I'll throw you a link of the day, and then you whore yourself out in my comments.

Made a good post today? Got words of wisdom to share? Something to m make us laugh? Got naked pictures of yourself on your blog? Here's your chance to tell a whole bunch of people at once that they should run - post haste - over to your blog and check out the goods.

Before you do that, go read Ravenwood. Because I told him you would and you don't want to make a liar out of me, do you? Besides, he's a damn good read - prolific blogger, intelligent, amusing and opinionated. Just click the link. Then begin the self whoring.


(flopping on back, wiggling ankles at ceiling)

Here we have an exchange where I capitalize on blatant, horrendous descrimination of a most heinous sort pointed out by Laurence, (who will not be de-linked - today, anyway)

And don't forget to vote, either

I have a "finish the headline" competition going on here.

(I don't feel nearly as cheap as I thought I would!)

I have nothing worth whoring today. Sorry.

Well, with all apologies to Office Space, I blogged absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I hoped it could be.

i've got monster trucks and cowboy hat wearing great danes. not actual pictures or commentary on them, but, you know, the spirit of that kind of, um, theme.

I must admit, I think everything that I write is worthy of note. I'm highly biased on the subject, though.

Still, I liked this post that involved The Christian Science Monitor, an insane little dwarf, and all the love in the world for a pathalogical liar.

Read it. If you want to. Or not. That's fine, too.

Shit. All I have is a weekend recap that touches on girlfriend issues, the crappy movie "Daddy Daycare," arena football, motorcycle fatalities, and Medal of Honor. But, I'll still shamelessly self-promote my site, because that's the kind of link whore I am.

Uh, I have a picture of the front door of my house... how exciting is that (yawn)?

All I got is boring filibuster crap. If I'd known I'd have a shot at whoring myself out today, I'd have prepared or something...

I have been writing about the local push for a smoking ban, and why this will eventually become a push to keep fat people from eating in public. FONTcolor=#ff*c00>here

In my post "I AM SO SCREWED".
, I looked at an article showing that drinking is linked to rectal cancer.

Uh, looks like I screwed up the html somewhere. I am too tired to fix it right now. Dammit.

i was caller #8 and won a 3 pack of Miyazaki movies....lol

um, we have a new design up on our site? and we have a whole separate archive for our haikus.


I turned 35 yesterday. And got stuck at work until 9:00pm. Go me. :/

Two posts to pimp out:

Hollywood Invades The Blogoshpere which is kind of a game to match blogs to movies or actors.

Circular hypocrisy which is about my kids playmates and assault weapons.

I think I'll take a shower now...

Musings on smoking ban consequences and voting with dollars, and a disturbing piece of news I haven't seen elsewhere yet.

I just have some ranting and raving about the Iraq Body Count website, which is STILL counting and probably will never stop.

For Women Only!

Should women be allowed in combat?

Only women are allowed to answer. Men can leave comments here if so desired, however.


I have this answer to Bill Quick's post on the splitting of the two American parties.

Also a somewhat related piece on the need for a strong opposition party.

On a less intellectual note, I have this piece on strippers and Google searches

You need my blogging Cliff Notes pic for this. :-)

Damn... and I missed it.
I'm all for whoring myself out. (even if it's just links.)

When renting cars loses it's luster. You may find it interesting. Decide for yourself.