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why is this day not like any other day?

May 12.

What would have been my 14th wedding anniversary - had I stayed married - is the 4th anniversary of the finalization of my divorce.

My attorney's sense of irony was wonderful. Who else can say they got divorced on the tenth anniversary of their wedding?

Happy anniversary to me, I guess! Maybe later I'll get all introspective and reminisce about the things that led to our divorce and the downfall of our marraige and subsequent years and....

Nah. I'd rather just make silly signs.


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Michele, I think that Tom Cruise announced that he was divorcing Nicole right on their tenth anniversary -- something to do with California property law kicking in.

So you're in good company -- and look how Nicole's career took off in the post-Tom era. She has an Oscar. And she doesn't have to be a Scientologist anymore.

I'm in my tenth year of marriage -- I'll let you know if we make it to eleven.

My divorce to my 1st husband was finalized on Valentine's Day ... his previous divorce was finalized on Valentine's Day several years previous as well. It was just a fluke, unless I underestimated my lawyer's sense of irony.

Happy Anniversary, Michele :)

my parents were divorced on may 14, which was their 25th wedding anniversary.. happy anniversary michele :-)

I missed by one month on my 11th from that shrew that I wasted my youth upon.

Damn! My divorce was final four days shy of our second anniversary. I thought that was irony. You got me beat!

I got divorced on my birthday. It was December, it snowed 4 inches overnight, it was the final court day of the year and anyone who wanted to get divorced in that year had to be there. Accordingly, after waiting for four hours, my divorce took about 90 seconds. What I can remember of it, I remember fondly.

My aunt was divorced on Valentine's as well. I'm starting to sense a pattern.

Today sounds like just another excuse for a margarita to me -- it can't be all bad! ;-)

How weird. Today would've been my first husband's & my 25th wedding anniversary. I think our divorce was final on his birthday...been so long ago I don't really remember.

My husbands divorce to his 1st wife was finalized on his birthday. Talk about a great present!

Does this mean that if we didn't have Valentines Day, a bunch of people would not get divorced :-) ?

my wife and I are separating the day after our 5th anniversary.

It is really sad - even though the dates are coincidental.