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signs, signs everywhere signs: results

Making up a contest over the weekend is the best idea I ever had. It means I don't have to kill my brain on a Monday morning writing fresh content. Sure, I have plenty to say today. But it can wait until I've had four of five cups of coffee.

Here are my favorites in the contest so far. You can still make some up if you want (see post here for details), I'm having too much fun to end the contest now. Also, feel free to add your two cents about your favorites.

I'm sure I left a few out, but I've got that job-type thing to get to. I'll add more later. For now, enjoy these.

the usual drinking/eating warning. i'm not buying you a new keyboard.

Tanya's Moltar Crossing and No Pee

Ith's Tribbles

Ann's Heavy Lifting

Avi's Kevorkian

Big Simon's Idiot

Lair's Boots and Milk Factory

Dave's Kennedy Warning and Semen

Stacy's Lightning

Sam's Belt

Treacher's Blood and Butts

COOP's Smelly Ass

Solly's Krypton

Adi's Moustache

All of Jurjen's

FFM's Scott Ritter, Appeasement

Ed's Dog Warning

More Tribbles, from Ed

Lone Wacko's Commies

Erik's Stigmata

Deb's No Ingles

Think by NC

Kevin Parrot's Love, Robots and Pippi (which just may win Most Tasteless)

And of course, my entry for Most Tasteless


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Kewl beans!

Thanks :)

I know I'm behind on this, but I managed to throw a few together as well.


Great stuff !

I've even appeased my lawyers by telling them the sign stays

- JK