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past and presents

Best Mother's day present ever:

Atari Classics 10-in-1

The perfect stick: hours of joy without all the messThat’s right Atari fans, this lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller is pre-loaded with 10 official and fully licensed vintage Atari titles: Asteroids®, Adventure™, Missile Command®, Centipede®, Gravitar®, Yar’s Revenge®, Breakout®, Pong®, Circus Atari™ and Real Sports Volleyball™. (If you’re anything like us, the titles alone are enough to send shivers of nostalgia racing down your spine).

Check out the screens. I time warped back into the 1970's. I swear that after half an hour playing these games I was wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and trying to score a nickel bag.

Who says you can't go home again?

I hope everyone's day was as pleasant as mine.

I love my family.

And I won the farting contest. Boo-ya!


You only THINK you won the contest

These dawgz wern't in the lineup
I bettcha

sweeeeeeet. i'm glad you had such a great day!

Yea, and you say they don't smell !!!!! Good thing I left the room !!

I got one of these last Friday. Man, Gravitar is Hard!

I wannnt....

She's hooked! She's hooked! Her brain is cooked! Sounds like a mahvelous Mother's Day.

I want that so much....

I'll buy one of those when they have Star Raiders on it.

The rest of the Atari game library can go to hell--- but Star Raiders was my favorite game. First game--- I was playing it when I was 2.

Wow, that makes me want to dig out my old Atari. Pac man, Missile Command, and hours spent sitting on the floor glassy eyed... those were the days.

I bought one of those for my wife for xmas...you's have thought I bought her amHArry Winston diamond! She loves that damned Adventure.

"Honey, you're a dot."
"Shut up, I love this dot."
"But...I spent 2 grand on a state of the art machine so we can play the latest 3-D games!"
"Shut. UP. I love my dot."
"OK. Merry Christmas, honey!"

well, if any of you would like to take yer 2600 jones on the road...