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and yet more signs

These are the latest entries in the Sign contest (see original post here).

I'm not going to post my favorites until tomorrow as people are still playing with the damn machine. Blame Dave Barry, not me.


Blogger and its evil minions have finally decided to let Kevin Parrott post again. He has a whole collection of humorous signs. [Here's a permalink just in case you catch Blogger during the ten seconds a day it allows permalinks to work]

3 more, all from reader Eric.


good drugs


No Ingles from Deb

Tires, also from Deb

Think from NC

Zone from Mr. MonkeyPants


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The Stigmata sign would be right at home in my favorite anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion

No, the blowjob absolutely can't wait till I get home.

I sent you 'Zone'

Imperial Falconer